Company seeking investment

An innovative telematics-based insurance provider seeking investment contacted SBD looking for an objective validation of their future growth potential

The challenge

The company was an established brand offering competitive, telematics based car insurance for younger drivers. Like many of their competitors, they had achieved accurate risk profiling by recording the driving style of each individual driver, rather than penalizing them based on their age. The company had experienced considerable success by rewarding careful drivers in unique ways that improved customer loyalty.

On paper, the company looked like an attractive proposition for investors. It had a proven business model and strong financial forecasts. The investor asked the company to provide an independent validation of their position in the market and future growth potential.

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The process

Separate fact from fiction

We provided a hype-free picture of the size of the telematics insurance market and its potential for growth.

Identify differentiators

Our specialists looked in detail at whether there was a strong niche that made them a better investment than their competitors.

Look beyond the numbers

Consider whether the company’s attractiveness to consumers would equate to an increase in profitability. Identify whether the company had the right relationships in place to provide a substantial return on investment.

The outcome

  • The company received the full investment they needed to continue their expansion
  • We concluded that they had a unique and very attractive business model. This included a number of ways to attract and retain customers, as well as tried and tested methods to reduce costs without damaging customer loyalty
  • Although our client had traditionally sold direct to consumers, they had a high chance of winning new business in a range of B2B markets
  • Our specialists did identify some potential threats, but overall, the company demonstrated significant growth potential that stood up to close scrutiny.