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For over 25 years, SBD Automotive has supported OEMs, suppliers, investors and governments with the research, strategy, technical and testing support needed to succeed in fast-changing markets.

SBD Automotive

Consulting Services

Custom support for automotive OEMs, suppliers, start-ups and regulators

SBD Automotive - Custom Consulting Services

Delivering confidence through clarity, insight and vision

With the CASES landscape evolving at an exponential rate, the industry and its partners must be equipped with the necessary tools and strategic guidance to support its vision for the future. Today, demand for innovation and digitization has spurred automotive OEMs into rising competition, each contending to deliver the most advanced systems and services at the quickest turnaround times.

For decades, SBD Automotive has been at the center of providing automakers with the necessary bespoke consulting support to evolve and progressively adapt themselves and their offerings towards a future spearheaded by full connectivity, advanced technologies and richer than ever software-enabled experiences.

Beyond car makers, we further counsel suppliers from Tier 1s to start-ups to optimize their own offerings for a new era of software-defined mobility, while guiding a number of new and prospective entrants towards their successful CASES market niche.

This extensive domain experience within the automotive industry allows us to provide unrivaled insight to also support investors searching for the next mobility unicorn or assessing a potential mobility acquisition. We further support governments, policymakers, and public-private coalitions seeking to understand the global impacts of CASES on new policies and impact on everyday consumers.

Consulting Services

Who we help


Custom consulting support for automotive manufacturers


Forecasting, Positioning, Marketing and Testing support


Scouting, due diligence and scale-up advisory support


Safe, Sustainable, Secure and Fair Mobility support for regulators

As the industry shifts rapidly towards an era of software-defined and autonomous mobility, it is essential that OEMs, suppliers, governments, and investors have the best support at hand. SBD Automotive’s dedicated consulting support works to provide these parties and more with the expertise to assist them through this unchartered transition.

From providing holistic perspectives on consumers, technologies, dealers, and ecosystems to carrying out extensive UX, performance, and penetration testing – our partner consultants have decades of hands-on domain experience in helping tackle even the most challenging industry obstacles.

By offering an extensive set of strategy services, our consultants help enable good decision making across market positioning, product planning, and due diligence. Our technical consulting support works similarly, breaking down the complex tools that will facilitate the industry’s future – such as off-board infrastructure and E/E architectures – providing a competitive edge to our valued clients.

Consulting Services

How we help


Fast access to data, forecasting and consumer insight


Insightful planning support for navigating the industry


Assessing and contextualizing disruptive tech domains


Access to experienced UX, performance and pen test experts

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