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While automotive OEMs have decreased their interest in deploying shared mobility programs in North America, the European and Asian markets remain very active for carsharing, ridehailing and other adjacent sharing models.

To stand out from the competition and carve out a place in the market, localized services at the city-level must utilize sophisticated fleet management and intelligent vehicle distribution algorithms, which would conversely need to leverage global infrastructure and fit in with an existing and quickly evolving ecosystem of suppliers and service providers.

Mo Al-Bodour

Senior Shared Mobility Consultant
SBD Automotive

Shared Mobility - Latest Insights

Launching and scaling a successful mobility service is daunting. Each day, market entrants threaten traditional vehicle ownership models with new flavors of leasing, vehicles-as-a-service, commercial fleets, on-demand delivery, and various forms of ride-hailing and sharing services.  These opportunities have piqued interest in the broader mobility service ecosystem overall, as well as created difficult decisions for the ultimate roles incumbents and disruptors should play to serve the needs of increasingly urban convenience-driven consumers worldwide.

With the value chain rapidly evolving as new shared mobility services are introduced, external investments and acquisitions are made, and offerings continue to differ between regions - it can be easy lose track of where the ecosystem stands today and how it may evolve in the future.

SBD Automotive

Shared Mobility

Opportunities, urbanization, and the impact of a pandemic on short-term mobility eco-systems

Predictions in recent years have indicated a significant shift away from car ownership, however...

In spite of anti-car pressure from cities and governments as well as the progress of mobility solutions across the world, the data shows a completely different picture: an overwhelmingly strong interest in owning a car now and into the near future.

Respondents across all regions strongly stated their positive preferences towards owning a car in five years’ time and still in 10 years’ time.  And while the distribution shows an eventual enthusiasm decline in traditional ownership at the 10-year milestone, shared mobility and car ownership will likely still coexist for years to come.


What are the long-term implications of the pandemic on shared mobility?


What are the key market drivers of vehicles-as-a-service adoption?


What will consumers want from shared mobility in a post-pandemic market?

Key Industry Questions


How will the next generation of services be deployed?


What are the key initiatives and activities surrounding connected mobility?

Despite a hype cycle of false starts and consolidation, the shared mobility landscape continues to innovate and evolve at a rapid pace - providing customers with numerous services spanning a variety of emerging modalities and use cases. Seeing this disruption, automotive OEMs have not sat idle taking an investment stake in 43% of mobility services worldwide. These next-generation mobility services and new business models promise OEMs, suppliers, and start-ups opportunities to unlock new revenue streams and access new demographics while facilitating cross-industry partnerships.

As new acquisitions, investments, innovations, and mobility strategies are announced more frequently within the space, both the reach and complexity of shared mobility will only continue to expand. Through its extensive research, strategy, and testing experience, SBD Automotive helps its clients navigate and succeed through the increasingly complex landscape of shared mobility services.

Pragmatic Answers

Research Reports

Our global team of mobility experts underlines the shared mobility sector's potential while monitoring its progress to date and helps evaluate the key business and experience elements of its expansion into the future.

This research is distilled across several reports - including a dedicated Mobility Services Guide that profiles the ecosystem of shared mobility services offered in major markets, alongside recent activity from the sector. Further reports identify the role tech giants will play in the future of mobility, the shift to fleet services, the growth of robotaxis and shuttles, as well as analysis of our shared mobility survey results from consumers.

Custom Consulting Projects

Although the opportunities to benefit from shared mobility are rising, so are the risks associated with implementing the wrong strategy or falling behind competitors. It's therefore important to ensure that you always have the latest, most comprehensive, and reliably accurate support at hand.

We provide technical, strategic, research and testing support to businesses across the automotive industry, giving our team unrivaled collective experience, a unique perspective, and an ability to see beyond data.

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