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SBD Automotive Q3 Highlights

Another quarter has passed in the automotive industry, carrying with it dozens of new announcements, initiatives, innovations, reveals, launches, and more that will impact not only how the industry operates, but how its end customers will experience its key products and services moving forward. However, with such a high volume of innovation moving at such a rapid pace, it can quickly become difficult to identify the most important moments from each quarter and understand the depth of their impact on automotive as a whole.

This Insight highlights our latest activities from the last three months – including our latest Insight articles and research reports, as well as the events we attended and the webinars we hosted. Together, these activities work to cut through the noise and deliver clear insights on the most interesting, insightful, and impactful industry updates from the last quarter.


Q3 Quarterly Wrap-Up

Our third Quarterly Wrap-Up report of the year highlights the key CASES trends that have defined the industry landscape over the last three months, while identifying five organizations who have delivered the most impact within this timeframe.

SBD Explores: There are many forms of AI. Which one is right for your needs?

As generative AI continues to grow in popularity and practicality, a growing number of industries are looking to utilize its power to maximize profit. This Insight explores the different use cases of generative AI within automotive, and which types of AI can best support the industry.

What did you miss at IAA Mobility 2023?

This article offers a glimpse into the most exciting trends and reveals from IAA Mobility 2023 – one of Europe’s biggest automotive industry gatherings. While covering the show’s 2023 theme of sustainable manufacturing, it also highlights the potential automotive applications of AI.

HERE and SBD Partner to provide an in-depth analysis of EV infrastructure in the US and Europe

To mark World EV Day, we partnered with HERE Technologies to develop an interactive index that shows the developing state of EV demand and infrastructure readiness across the U.S. and Europe.

How can the EV experience be further optimized for consumers globally?

Building on results from our comprehensive global EV survey, this Insight highlights the most interesting and surprising takeaways from these results while understanding how consumer attitudes towards EVs have changed since our last global EV survey conducted in 2020.

Exploring Consumer Attitudes to the EV Journey - The Shift Podcast with Robert Fisher

Our Domain Principal for EV, Robert Fisher, appeared on Shift – a mobility podcast from Automotive News – to discuss how consumers in different regions perceive the EV user journey. The discussion was based on results from a survey in our Optimizing the EV Journey research report.

Understanding SDV Organization and Strategies: A Q&A with Simon Halford

In this Insight we interviewed Simon Halford, our Reports Manager and the author of Software-Defined Vehicles: Organization & Strategies, to learn more about the new SDV report. The Q&A touches upon discoveries made during its production, and who will benefit the most.


How to enable a seamless customer experience through the Software-Defined Vehicle

Alongside leading automotive experts from WirelessCar, Giesecke+Devrient, and NIO, Andrea Sroczynski, Managing Director of SBD Automotive Germany, discussed the best practices for developing seamless SDV customer experiences.

Q3 Events

IAA 2023

In September, we attended IAA Mobility 2023 and produced a complimentary research report that highlights the event’s most interesting reveals and its top trends. At IAA, we also hosted ‘Towards The Habitat on Wheels’ – a joint presentation with offering rich insights into the SDV.

New for Q3 - Reports

Securing the Software-Defined Vehicle

Our latest report on the SDV offers a detailed, chip-to-cloud look at the SDV. Not only does this provide a high-level threat model of a typical SDV architecture, but also identifies how to detect and prevent cyber security attacks at each layer of the technology stack.

Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Forecast

Our Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Forecast offers deep insights and analysis into the penetration of cockpit elements and cockpit features – showing their fitment rate by market a decade into the future. Its analysis is broken down by region, connectivity, service type, and more.

HMI UX - Peugeot 408 GT

Continuing our 2023 series of HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking reports, which sees our experts test, evaluate, and benchmark new HMI solutions from the U.S., Europe, and Japan, this edition provides an investigation of the HMI offered in the GT version of the Peugeot 408.

HMI UX - Fisker Ocean

The most recent entry in our HMI UX report series reviews the HMI of Fisker’s Ocean EV, which offers consumers a wide array of entertainment features. Its HMI is scored across several feature domains and benchmarked against other models reviewed for the 2023 series.

Fleet Management Solutions

While taking a deep dive into the opportunities and challenges for OEMs looking to participate in the FMS value chain, this report also identifies the relevant products, services, and business models being pursued by stakeholders today.

Tech Giants in Automotive Guide

To date, tech giants like Google and Amazon have assisted the IVI, connected, and autonomous strategies of OEMs across the globe. This report outlines the role of tech giants in automotive, detailing their offerings & partnerships and exploring how equipped they are for expansion.

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