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Watch now: SBD Automotive & host ‘Towards the Habitat on Wheels’ at IAA Mobility!

SBD Automotive attended this year’s IAA Mobility show, where our CEO Andrew Hart and the Managing Director of SBD Germany, Andrea Sroczynski, took part in an exciting panel as part of a joint presentation held with called ‘Towards the Habitat on Wheels’, alongside Dietmar Rambau, the Vice President of Sales at Bosch China, Niranjan Babu, Chief Expert – Digital Mobility Solutions at Robert Bosch Engineering India, and Dirk Slama, the Vice President of Bosch and Chairman of

Together, the panel offer a rich variety of insights into the Software Defined Vehicle, taking a deep dive into the SDV itself, alongside its current, future, and potential use cases, with further insight provided by our own market benchmark. The panel also discuss the best practices for SDV organization and strategies, before taking questions from the audience. The session then moves towards an examination of the global and regional trends and differences surrounding the SDV, where the panel investigates the relevant market requirements and current playing field of the SDV in the China and EU regions, and how it can support regional differentiation.

If you are interested in discussing this with us, you can request a meeting by pressing the button below, or email us at


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