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An automotive consultant at work

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Simon Halford, SBD Automotive

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The right career move can change your life, so you'll probably have questions. Book a quick call and we'll do our best to answer them.

An automotive consultant at work

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Browse our up-to-date careers page to find your potential next role. Here you can see the positions we are actively looking to fill today.

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Three automotive consultants at work

Help us shape the future of the automotive industry and unlock your potential with a career at SBD Automotive.

We support some of the world’s most recognized automotive brands, technology leaders, and influential businesses. We couldn’t do what we do without some pretty exceptional people. It takes dedication, teamwork, outstanding attention to detail and a good sense of humor.

SBD Automotive

Our People

Working at SBD Automotive

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What's next?

We advertise the roles we are actively seeking, but what we're really looking for is the right person to help us as we continue to move forward. Sometimes, we know exactly why we would want someone to work with us, and 3 interviews would be the best way to find them.

But, sometimes.... that just closes the door to the right person - to the people that we don't even realize we need.  So if you think SBD Automotive needs your outside the box thinking, send us an email, or add your CV.  You can book a 10 minute meeting, or just turn on your webcam and let us know who you are! 

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Why SBD Automotive?

Be part of a global, 
industry-leading team

You will be among problem solvers, car lovers, industry-renowned experts, creatives, and engineers. 

Be relied on by 
automotive giants

From century-old OEMs to the latest innovative start-ups and tech giants, the automotive industry relies on our team for support, insight and solutions. 

Be trusted to use your skills and discover new ones

We search for talent and potential, and then create an environment where you can thrive, whether you're in our offices worldwide, or working remotely.

Be where you are needed, valued and supported 

Join a team of different cultures, skill sets, opinions and expertise. A team of collaborators who make each other better, while working towards common goals. 



We value and respect each other



We are more than the sum of our parts



We tackle challenges and change head on

Our values are part of every decision we make



We are always on a journey of discovery and growth 



We deliver on our promises, both to our clients and to each other 

A discussion between automotive technology experts

Life at SBD Automotive

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