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Back on track!

If there is one absolute in life, it's that if you leave a team of automotive engineers in a room together, eventually one of them will suggest a track day.

A few months later, it will probably happen again.

Within a few years, someone will likely suggest getting a track car. ... SBD now has 3.

Over time, this evolved into the SBD Automotive Track Days. Designed as a team-building exercise, but less "fall back and hope your colleagues catch you" and more "are the brake pads on fire?", every few months, we throw our names into the hat, and head to a local racetrack. Luckily, the Milton Keynes office is a few miles from Silverstone and the Bedford Autodrome.

With lockdown lifting in the UK, and after a lot of negative Covid-tests, we have finally been able to get back into the cars.

The cars

Mazda MX-5

Mk1 - 1996 - RWD, 1.8 Turbo

  • Weight reduction - Interior trim removed

  • Turbo kit, race clutch, engine tune

  • Coil over suspension, improved disc brakes

  • Race seats/harnesses

Nissan 350Z

2004 - RWD, 3.5l

  • Competition brake kit/Quaife LSD + cooling

  • Tein street flex coil overs / Nismo exhaust

  • Race clutch / Baffled extended engine sump

Mini Cooper S

R53 - 2002 - FWD, 1.6l Supercharged

  • AP racing brakes

  • Roll cage

  • Bucket seats/Racing harness

  • Trim removed

  • Back seats removed

  • Glove box removed

  • If it can be removed, it has been removed

The track

Bedford Autodrome

3.8 miles Designed by Jonathan Palmer

The cheesy montage

While clearly meant to be fun, the SBD Automotive Track Day Series exists because it helps the team. You learn to be a better, safer driver, the importance of balance and mechanical sympathy, and that there's no shame in spinning on turn 5.


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