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Globally, connected vehicles will send up to 10 Exabytes of data per month by 2025

The move towards increasingly defining vehicle features and functions in software enables the extensive personalization capabilities for all vehicle systems - infotainment, cabin comfort, driving performance, and even safety. Combining vehicle data and individual usage patterns will allow the industry to tweak and tune each vehicle to the user's needs at that time.

We believe that thoughtful and consensual personalization of automotive services will differentiate the automotive CX from a “smartphone on wheels” and elevate the experience to personalized intelligent mobility.

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As drivetrains shift towards electrification, and as hardware diminishes as a differentiator, infotainment is moving to the forefront of the in-car experience, acting as the ideal pedestal to showcase FaaS.

It is fast becoming the primary touchpoint with the vehicle, taking on the responsibility of providing the driving experience for driver and passengers, building enjoyment and enthusiasm to influence customer sentiment and brand loyalty."

Adam Jefferson

UX Specialist
SBD Automotive

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The uptake of service-based applications and solutions by the automotive industry has heavily impacted the ways in which customers interact with their vehicles. Today, consumers can benefit from new digital experiences spread across the ownership lifecycle - from the purchase or lease of the vehicle all the way through to its maintenance and repair.

Automotive connectivity offers the promise to help make the vehicle better over time through remote updates and software-based delivery of new features. It further facilitates in-vehicle HMI technologies like virtual personal assistants and AI-based infotainment systems which turns the vehicle into an essential part of the consumer’s digital life.

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What is the true value of data


How can today's cars build tomorrow's profit?


How can OEMs manage the millions of lines of code in a "software-defined vehicle"?

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Is the industry ready to rely on Edge Computing?


What HMI will consumers be expecting in 2025?

The upcoming vehicle connectivity evolution will enable the automotive industry to generate and process sensor data from hundreds of millions of vehicles. In 2025, there will be at least 400 million connected passenger vehicles on the road, many delivering highly personalized experiences driven by software on and off the car, with high-volume data services competing for processing time and space with new services designed to run in near-real-time.

With teams of connected car experts situated in key industry markets, SBD Automotive is able to track and navigate the global connectivity landscape as it evolves. SBD Automotive is able to provide fast, independent and actionable insight to the industry's key movers by rigorously evaluating the latest connected technologies and services while researching the national, regional, and global implications for the industry, its disruptors, and governing institutions.

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Research Reports

SBD Automotive's connected vehicle reports have become a powerful tool for challenging assumptions in the automotive industry. Our domain-specific research reports published over the last 20+ years are regularly relied upon by the majority of OEMs and suppliers, start-ups entering the automotive space, and industry consortia and governing bodies.

With market forecasts, in-depth UX evaluations, industry analysis, competitor benchmarking, technology deep-dives, and our flagship Connected Services Guide, SBD Automotive's report catalog will keep you up to date and in the know.

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Custom Consulting Projects

Although the opportunities to benefit from autonomy are rising, so are the risks associated with implementing the wrong strategy or falling behind competitors. It's therefore important to ensure that you always have the latest, most comprehensive, and reliably accurate support at hand.

We provide technical, strategic, research and testing support to businesses across the automotive industry, giving our team unrivaled collective experience, a unique perspective, and an ability to see beyond data.

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