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Exploring Consumer Attitudes to the EV Journey - The Shift Podcast with Robert Fisher

Electric vehicles have now broken into the mainstream, with more automakers introducing them in response to strict emission regulations and heightened consumer demand. However, as EVs gain popularity, the OEMs rolling them out must ensure that they provide exceptional user experiences to entice and encourage EV adoption now and in the future.

Our Domain Principal for EV, Robert Fisher, recently appeared on Shift – a mobility-focused podcast from Automotive News – to discuss the various ways in which consumers in different regions feel about these experiences based on results from our automotive consumer survey conducted as part of our Optimizing the EV Journey research report.

On the podcast, Robert highlighted the breadth of consumer attitudes in key regions – including Europe, China, and the U.S. – towards the full EV ownership experience as well as the survey’s most surprising takeaways. For Robert, one of these surprises was how “charging infrastructure was actually seen as being sufficient or even satisfying by most of the respondents, and that’s something we definitely don’t hear in the media. So it’s possible that the media actually has a bit of bias toward charging infrastructure, or it’s possible that people simply see their tax dollar going toward implementation and distribution of charging through the U.S. NEVI funding program and several other programs”.

With the podcast’s host Molly Boigon, technology and innovation reporter at Automotive News, Robert further discussed both the survey’s findings and their wider implications for consumers and OEMs. Among the key talking points were the differing needs of U.S. and Chinese consumers looking to buy an EV, based on the evolution of EVs in each region to date, alongside the importance of the environment to the consumers making that purchase decision.


Want to explore the full scope of consumer attitudes towards each step of the EV lifecycle, from purchase decision to end of life? Learn more with our Optimizing the EV User Journey report!


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