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Digital Transformation of the Fleet, Lease & Rental Sector

How Software-Defined Vehicles will unlock innovation

Retrofit application of Fleet Management Services (FMS) in the aftermarket is currently generating SAAS revenues of over $30Bn annually and has been growing at 15% CAGR for several years.

Despite these impressive figures though, the market is still heavily centred around commercial vehicles rather than passenger cars even though the fleet volume of passenger cars (e.g. those which are lease-operated) is significantly larger than the LCV fleet.

In the LCV sector, OEM fleet management solutions have been largely ignored by fleet managers because the OEMs have been offering OEM-brand only solutions which aren’t fully compatible with competing brands. Fleet managers don’t take kindly to brand lock-in.

Almost all vehicles sold in 2023 will leave the factory with embedded comms built-in. OEMs are developing B2B portals, securely handling sensitive data, and are setting ambitious targets for service-based B2B revenue streams. But does this mean it is game-over for the aftermarket FMS players? While there are some important building blocks in place, what about the in-vehicle hardware and software?

Download your copy of the White Paper 'Digital Transformation of the Fleet, Lease & Rental Sector' created by experts from SBD Automotive & Grape Up

Don't miss the accompanying webinar

In this webinar, an expert industry panel discusses how Software-Defined Vehicles will unlock innovation in the fleet, lease and rental sector.


Lee Colman - Chief Production Officer at SBD Automotive.

Roman Swoszowski - VP, AI and Cloud R&D at Grape Up. Michal Petral - Product Owner at CARIAD.

Pablo Arjonilla - Global Innovation Manager - Medium & Heavy Duty Trucks at Iveco Group.

The panel addresses the following major topics, as well as taking questions directly from audience members:

Why does vehicle software matter?

How will digital transformation happen?

· Automotive software ecosystem

· Aftermarket fleet services

· OEM vehicle and cloud services

· B2B agility

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