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CASES technologies - Connected, Autonomous, Shared mobility, Electric vehicles, and Security - have drastically affected how the automotive industry operates. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, so have emerging technologies, services, and new mobility experiences impacted the industry and consumers at large.

However, the potential risks of implementing the wrong strategies or falling behind competitors are growing each day. Our experts exclusively focus on CASES technologies research and providing our clients with critical insights into the broader markets into which they are deployed. By offering expert research, strategy, technical and testing services, SBD Automotive provides essential value to automotive OEMs, suppliers, investors and governments worldwide.

SBD Automotive Connected Car Research and Data


The uptake of service-based applications and solutions by the automotive industry has heavily impacted the ways in which customers interact with their vehicles. 

Automotive connectivity facilitates in-vehicle HMI technologies like virtual personal assistants and AI-based infotainment systems, and turns the vehicle into a key part of the consumer’s digital life.

SBD Automotive Autonomous Car Research and Data


Automation is one of the biggest drivers of change within the mobility sector, promising to deliver safer, more efficient, and more affordable movement of goods and people. This major transformation also comes with significant risks and uncertainties.  While full AVs may be in their infancy and their deployment limited, disruption at scale is hitting fast and hard.

SBD Automotive Shared Mobility Research and Data

Shared Mobility

Launching and scaling a successful mobility service is daunting. Each day, market entrants threaten traditional vehicle ownership models with new flavors of leasing, vehicles-as-a-service, commercial fleets, on-demand delivery, and various forms of ridesharing and carsharing services. These opportunities have piqued interest in the broader mobility service ecosystem overall, as well as the ultimate roles incumbent carmakers and disruptors will ultimately play.

SBD Automotive Electric Vehicle Research and Data

Electric Vehicles

​EVs are not only an environmentally friendly means of transportation, they are revolutionizing the entire automotive industry and will soon play an important role in our electrical grids. With OEMs rapidly developing new EV models, governments forming policy, growing incentivization, start-ups exploiting new business models and with customer appetite increasing, staying up to date on EV activity has never been more important.

SBD Automotive Vehicle Security Research and Data


As the industry rapidly adopts higher levels of built-in and brought-in connectivity, over-the-air software updates, and vehicle autonomy – attack surfaces from sensors, cameras, connectivity modules, digital keys, cloud systems, and electrical architectures are becoming increasingly popular targets for bad actors. Without proper security controls and processes in place, attackers can increasingly steal vehicles or cause major safety, operational and financial impacts to drivers as well as the society at large.

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For 25 years, our independent data, research and consulting have helped the automotive industry develop smart, safe and sustainable mobility, while delivering confidence through clarity, insight and vision.

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The automotive industry is going through a once-in-a-century transformation, as new technologies, players and business models all converge to challenge the status quo.

At SBD Automotive we are not observers or commentators from the sidelines - we are right there with our clients every day analysing what all this change means to them, and helping make tough decisions with confidence."

Andrew Hart

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