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Luigi Bisbiglia is Senior Business Development Manager of SBD Automotive, UK.

Luigi leads SBD's business development activities in the UK, Western and Southern Europe, managing relationships with vehicles manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers, covering bespoke consultancy works, data tools, and off-the-shelf research.

Luigi began his career in Fiat in 1998 as an analyst in the economic studies office before joining SBD Automotive in 2015. He currently resides in Milton Keynes, UK.

Luigi Bisbiglia

Senior Business Development Manager
SBD Automotive

SBD Automotive

UK (Global Headquarters)

Shenley Pavilions,
Chalkdell Drive,
Shenley Wood,
Milton Keynes,
MK5 6LB,
United Kingdom


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For 25 years, SBD Automotive's Head Office has been based in Milton Keynes, UK.  Just 30 minutes from London, SBD Automotive has helped Milton Keynes grow into a global hub for connected and autonomous vehicle research, innovation and testing.

SBD Automotive UK offers research, strategy, technical and testing support to the UK market, Western & Southern Europe, and beyond.

SBD Automotive

Head Office - Milton Keynes, UK

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