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Connected Car Legislation Guide

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The connected car eco-system is evolving at a rapid pace. Within it, legacy OEMs and suppliers are constantly investigating how best to enhance their offerings and satisfy ever-changing consumer demands. At the same time, new players - including start-ups and consumer technology firms - are emerging with the intent to embed connectivity across the development, production, and user experience of their vehicles.

As new connected vehicles, systems, features, and applications have launched over time - governments and governing bodies have historically responded with a variety of legal and regulatory activity. In the present day, where dozens of OEMs are frequently releasing and updating new connected systems, the legal landscape for these systems is becoming increasingly complex.

The Connected Car Legislation Guide works to define this landscape clearly across multiple regions and countries around the world. In addition to identifying the active and developing legislation impacting connected services, it evaluates how legislation can vary from region to region. For developing legislation, it understands how likely it is to be implemented and highlights its potential impacts. The guide is divided into three sections that each cover a different aspect of connected car legislation and is released quarterly to account for any new activity within the space.


What legislation is currently impacting connected services?


What is the likelihood developing legislation will be implemented?


How can we understand the potential impact of developing legislation?

Key Questions Answered


How does the legislation for connected services differ by region?

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