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Software-Defined Vehicle: Organization and Strategies

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About this report

The transition towards software-defined vehicles is already providing car makers with many opportunities that would not have been possible to capitalize on before the industry’s uptake of new technologies. At the center of this innovation is the opportunity to leverage these technologies to shift feature monetization from point-of-sale to after-sales.

Embedding these new experiences into the vehicle, with room to develop and expand them over its lifecycle, will require a strategic realignment for companies across the industry. Here, OEMs, vehicle brands, and new automakers will increasingly need to consider the overall ecosystem – understanding how best to adapt their individual organizations toward the SDV’s technological promises and stance as a potential ‘third living space’.

In this report, our experts map out the different strategies used to incorporate software-defined vehicles into new vehicle line-ups. In doing so it understands how key industry players are organizing themselves as they prepare for SDV development, while identifying the products, services, and business models being pursued by stakeholders today. It likewise highlights the challenges and constraints of SDV development from an organizational perspective.


How are these companies organizing themselves to support software-defined vehicle development, including corporate governance, subsidiaries, and regional/distributor entities?


How are OEMs, suppliers, and other software/technology stakeholders more broadly incorporating the transition to software-defined vehicles into their broader corporate strategies?


What types of products, services, and business models are stakeholders pursuing as an outcome of their transition to software-defined vehicles?

Key Questions & Benefits


Gain a clear understanding of the different strategies to incorporate software-defined vehicles

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