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SBD Automotive Q2 Highlights

The passing quarter has seen a variety of announcements, launches, reveals, and further activities that are already impacting the ways in which industry players operate today, and how their end customers will experience their products and services moving forward. With such a high volume of innovation moving at such a rapid pace, however, it can quickly become difficult to keep a pulse on the most important activities while also understanding how deeply they will impact the industry. This article highlights our latest research reports, SBD Insights, and further work we have done across the last three months that help resolve this problem – cutting through the noise to platform the most interesting, insightful, and impactful movements.


SBD Explores: Habitual & Nostalgic Features & Functionality

Marking the first entry in a new series of insights crafted by our consultancy experts, this edition of SBD Explores investigates the key functions, and potential impacts, of vehicle features that provide a sense of familiarity, create emotional linkage and drive user engagement.

Collision Avoidance saves lives – Which OEMs make it easiest to access this life saving tech?

Leveraging data from VehiclePlannerPlus, this Insight takes a deep dive into the availability, cost, and pricing differences of key ADAS features offered by premium and mainstream brands in different regions.

Q2 Quarterly Wrap-Up

Our second Quarterly Wrap-Up report for 2023 highlights the industry trends that have defined the CASES landscape over the last three months, while identifying five organizations who have delivered the most impact within this timeframe.

White Paper/Webinar

Digital Transformation of the Fleet, Lease & Rental Sector - White Paper & Webinar

In collaboration with Grape Up, we produced a white paper that explores the ways in which software defined vehicles can unlock new opportunities and deliver digital transformation for the fleet, lease, & rental sector. Accompanying the white paper is a webinar in which a panel of automotive software experts discuss why vehicle software matters and detail the key software technologies that will enable digital transformation for the sector.

Q2 Events

EVS36 Recap

In June, we attended EVS36 and developed a report that compiles the knowledge shared across its conferences and sessions. The report highlights the key takeaways for each session and offers expert insights into the best practices for players looking to accelerate their electrification efforts.

2023 Shanghai Auto Show Recap

Our dedicated report for the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show offers detailed insights into the potential impacts of the technologies showcased at the event – including the latest in-vehicle displays, AI systems, connected technologies, and ADAS solutions from domestic and international OEMs.

AEK 2023 - OEMs Showcase their Tech Credentials but Risk Leaving Consumers Behind

Written by our CEO Andrew Hart, this Insight explores the most essential takeaways from the Automotive Eletronik Kongress. Its detailed insights illustrate the significance of chipsets, E/E architectures, cloud computing, and more for

OEMs today as they develop the vehicle of tomorrow.

New for Q2 - Reports

Software-Defined Vehicle: E/E Architecture Guide

Launching a new category of reports focused on the Software-Defined Vehicle, this report details key SDV trends and technologies alongside the best decision-making practices that work to achieve year-on-year delivery and maximize cost efficiency for every vehicle made.

Software-Defined Vehicle: Organization and Strategies

This report assesses the various strategies being used to integrate software-defined vehicles into new vehicle line-ups. Through it, our industry experts also highlight the challenges and constraints of SDV development from an organizational perspective.

EV Batteries Technology & Ecosystem

As EVs continue to proliferate in markets across the globe, automakers are racing to improve the efficiency, range, and bottom-line of their solutions. This report profiles the key players and technologies involved in the EV battery ecosystem.

Optimizing the EV User Journey

Based on a global EV survey, with input from more than 1,600 consumers, this report explores the key motivators and barriers of EV adoption alongside consumer attitudes towards each step of the EV user journey – from the purchase process, through to the end of the EV’s lifecycle.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer In-Car HMI UX Evaluation

Over the course of 2023, our HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking report sees our experts thoroughly test, evaluate, and benchmark the latest HMI solutions from the US, Europe, and Japan. The first edition takes a deep dive into the solutions offered in Jeep’s Grand Wagoneer.

Nissan Ariya In-Car HMI UX Evaluation

In the second of six HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking reports released in 2023, our HMI experts test the 2023 Nissan Ariya. In the report, the HMI across several feature domains is scored and benchmarked against the Grand Wagoneer.

BYD Seal In-Car HMI UX Evaluation

The latest entry in our HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking report series is focused on the BYD Seal, an electric sedan that offers a rotating central display. Across the report, our experts provide scoring and analysis in various areas – including usability, reliability, and quality.

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