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Automotive Packaging Research and Insights Made Simple for OEMs

Across a handful of our past Insight articles, and for some of our complimentary research reports, we have utilized VehiclePlannerPlus (VPP) to tap into deep, data-driven, insights on an extensive range of feature domains – from the uptake of Apple CarPlay in North America to the evolution of display size availability, and the pricing of ADAS features by mainstream and premium OEMs.


For OEM marketing and planning teams, VPP offers a powerful software solution for competitive intelligence and vehicle product planning, while offering analysts a one-stop shop for creating, configuring, and exporting deep insights. Today, the VehiclePlannerPlus team has announced VPP 2.0, an innovative new update that will revolutionize the vehicle research and planning experience.


Just recently released, VPP 2.0 aims to streamline user interactions with the platform – ensuring faster speeds and developing a new insight that will provide invaluable information for automotive packaging research. A newly modernized site works similarly to ensure faster development times, driving value for VPP customers at a quicker pace.

What's New in This Release?

A key feature of the new update is the Penetration Rate by Feature and Package Insight, which allows users to deep dive into vehicle packages based on specific features. If the user is looking to explore packages that include Adaptive Cruise Control, for example, they can select the feature, choose their preferred brands, models, and trims, and uncover detailed information on pricing, availability, market shares, and more. This powerful packaging insight helps provide users with comprehensive knowledge that, in turn, enables more informed decision-making. See a preview below!

VPP 2.0 will also deliver a series of usability enhancements, including a refreshed UI designed to make navigation more intuitive, and faster query speeds that make the research process even more efficient. The update will likewise bolster the platform's efficiency and scalability, ensuring stable performance and laying a robust groundwork to act as a stepping stone for upcoming enhancements.

What's Next?

While detailing VPP 2.0, the team highlighted even more capabilities they are currently developing for the platform that will be revealed in the coming months.


A new Feature Value Pricing Insight will allow users to compare pricing across different features and packages, and gain a comprehensive understanding of industry pricing trends for any vehicle feature. Faster VIN data updates will keep users up-to-date with the latest VIN data, ensuring they are working with the most current trim share, feature penetration, and take rate information. At the same time, the platform’s upcoming New Features Tracking capability will help users track added features, such as interior and exterior trim colors, sale location, sale date, and more that will further enrich their VehiclePlannerPlus experience. In committing to data transparency, VPP will also provide users with indicators showing sample size, last update time, and other datapoints to help them better understand the underlying data.

Get Involved and Stay Updated!

As the VPP team rolls out these exciting new updates over the coming weeks and months, we are eager to hear from you. If you have questions about the updates, or suggestions for future enhancements, please don't hesitate to reach out to


Your journey with VPP is about to get even more exciting, so stay tuned for these innovative updates and be sure to contact us today to learn more about VehiclePlannerPlus!


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