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SBD Automotive Q2 Highlights

As the second quarter of 2024 comes to a close, we can begin to reflect on how, across the global automotive industry, the first half of the year has already seen rapid innovation and unearthed some interesting insights.


From exploring the expansive potential of AI in the vehicle, and how it is already being applied in domains from infotainment to ADAS, through to exciting new entrants such as Xiaomi through its recently launched SU7 EV, and Sony Honda Mobility who has been touring its EV prototype, Afeela, at events across the USA. However, with this activity representing only a small amount of the volumes of innovation delivered so far in 2024, keeping track of the industry’s most important moments can seem daunting.


In this Insight, we will highlight our latest activities from the last three months – including our latest Insight articles and SBD Explores updates, alongside our newest research reports. Together, these activities cut through the noise and deliver clear insights on the most interesting, insightful, and impactful industry updates from the last quarter.

Insights, Events and Additional Content

Where does your OEM rank on our new OTA Capability Rankings?

In this Insight, we take a deep dive into our OEM OTA Capability Rankings, a key component of our OTA and Software Update Guide that assesses which OEMs are the most active in the OTA space, and offer the best OTA capabilities, across North America and Europe.

SBD Explores: Data Privacy

Data provides many benefits for OEMs, fleets, and insurers, but regulations around its use and storage can vary. In this edition of SBD Explores, our experts discuss how data privacy regulation differs between regions to highlight how some OEMs are making data consent more accessible.

VPP 2.0 Updates - Automotive Packaging Research and Insights Made Simple for OEMs

Following the launch of VPP 2.0, an exciting new update to our data insights platform VehiclePlannerPlus, we wrote this article to highlight its key features, how it streamlines user interactions with the platform, and its powerful new automotive packaging research insight.

AutoTech: Detroit 2024

In June, our North America team both attended and exhibited at AutoTech: Detroit 2024. Across its three days, our Director of North America, Alex Oyler, took part in a presentation with AT&T, and moderated a panel between Einride, May Mobility, Stellantis, & Green Hills Software!

Webinar Event: Why Automakers Have Struggled to Deliver the Software-Defined Vehicle

Together with Qualcomm and AWS, we hosted a webinar to understand the pitfalls being faced by OEMs during SDV development. Here, we offered insights, suggestions, and case studies on how to address these problems in the context of consumer and competitor-driven imperatives.

Reports Released in Q2

Xiaomi Su7 In-Car HMI UX Evaluation

In the latest entry of our HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking report series, our experts review the Xiaomi SU7. Representing the tech giant’s first EV, the SU7 utilizes Snapdragon’s 8295 chip to power a 16.1-inch 3K center console, a 56-inch HUD, and a 7.1-inch rotating dashboard.

Connected Car Legislation Guide

As connected cars become more advanced, so too does the legislation around them globally. In this guide, our experts identify the legislation impacting the development and operations of connected services today, while also understanding the impacts of developing legislation.

Autonomous Strategies & Ecosystem

The shift towards vehicle autonomy is already impacting automotive and will continue to do so as it arrives. In this report, our experts break down the autonomous strategies of major OEMs and the ecosystem for vehicle autonomy itself, including its key technologies and regulations.

E-Theft Threat Guide

As new technologies become more common, the risk of electronic vehicle theft is also seeing an increase. This guide identifies the range of tools and methods that play a role in the theft of vehicles today, while tracking the models reportedly being stolen through them.

EV Legislation and Incentives Guide

While many industry players have strategies for electrification in place, the legislation around it is constantly changing. This report helps OEMs and officials recognize the regulations and incentives for EVs today.

EV Charging Infrastructure Guide

As more incentives are provided for EV buyers, while adoption rates and sales increase, there is a renewed interest in the build-up of EV charging networks. In this report, we profile the EV charging ecosystem’s key players around the world and the business models they utilize.

EV Battery Technologies & Ecosystem Guide

As EVs continue to proliferate in markets across the globe, automakers are racing to improve the efficiency, range, and bottom-line of their solutions. This report profiles the key players and technologies involved in the EV battery ecosystem.

Cyber Security Legislation Guide

This guide offers a reference tool that helps you separate important cyber security requirements from outdated publications – allowing you to confidently focus on the issues that matter. Thorough insights are provided into the history of each legislation and their wider implications.

Software-Defined Vehicle: E/E Architecture Guide

The first in our all-new category of reports focused on the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) details key SDV trends and technologies, alongside the best decision-making practices that work to achieve year-on-year delivery and maximize cost efficiency for every vehicle made.

Automotive App Guide

As the SDV comes closer to fruition, the significance of in-vehicle apps is increasing rapidly. In this report, we profile and compare the latest apps from legacy OEMs and new players, while highlighting the latest app trends and activities from key players in different regions.

Monthly Head-Unit China Guide

The China market not only has the most new vehicle launches per month, but also offers unique features not yet seen in other regions. This monthly guide allows you to track this innovation through expert analysis of the latest launches from China’s domestic and international OEMs.

OTA & Software Updates Guide

In 2024, OTA updates are set to become even more common in new vehicles. This guide offers planners and engineers the insights they need to assess their strategies against competitors - identifying the types of updates being delivered today, and the features enabled through FOTA.

Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Forecast

Our Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Forecast offers deep insights and analysis into the penetration of cockpit elements and cockpit features – showing their fitment rate by market a decade into the future. Its analysis is broken down by region, connectivity, service type, and more.

Innovation Guide

Over the next 5 years, the automotive industry will see more innovation than in the last 50 years. Anticipating this evolution, our Innovation Guide tracks the latest trends, innovations and activities, helping teams clarify the ecosystems and opportunities of new technologies globally.

Start-up Tracker

In recent years, a variety of automotive start-ups have entered and scaled through the industry, with some gaining international recognition. This guide tracks the latest start-up activities, and news on emerging start-ups, alongside recent partnerships and acquisitions.

Autonomous Car Legislation Guide

As more OEMs announce more AVs and AV services, this report explores the legal landscape for AV technologies to analyze the impact of legislation on vehicle autonomy. As a live resource, the guide is updated quarterly, providing you with the latest updates from the legal space for AVs.


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