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Stay Ahead of the Curve: Essential Insights into 2024's Automotive Tech Trends

With 2024 set to be a revolutionary year for automotive, understanding how and where the year’s biggest trends will impact key aspects of the industry will be essential to those looking to gain the upper hand, innovate, and thrive throughout the year. However, staying on top of 2024’s trends and innovations and the speed at which they are delivered, while also understanding their implications for the future, can seem daunting. 


That’s why, in this Insight, we will be looking ahead and taking a deep dive into each of our research reports set to launch over the first quarter of 2024. Across the first three months of the year, our report calendar will cover a broad range of topics, from V2G technologies to AV legislation, that are already positioning themselves as the top trends for 2024. Together, our Q1 reports offer a comprehensive pool of expert knowledge that will help you understand the latest, most important, industry movements and the impact they will have on the year ahead. 


Changes in the industry, like those discussed in our Q1 reports, are occurring at an increasingly rapid pace, so don’t wait until you’re already behind, but secure the research and insights you need to stay informed today. 

Autonomy & Security Reports

Autonomous Car Legislation Guide

As more OEMs announce more AVs and AV services, this report explores the legal landscape for AV technologies to analyze the impact of legislation on vehicle autonomy. As a live resource, the guide is updated quarterly, providing you with the latest updates from the legal space for AVs.

L4 Autonomy Forecast

As vehicle autonomy continues to advance, this report forecasts the most lucrative segments for L4 autonomy, while delivering comprehensive insights into the expected growth and deployment of fully autonomous vehicles and services over the next decade.

Cyber Intelligence Guide

With the SDV fast approaching, ensuring the security of your new vehicles is crucial. This report identifies the threats and vulnerabilities affecting the latest connected and autonomous vehicle systems, while offering insights into the best defense and mitigation countermeasures.

Digital Key Guide

A digital key brings the vehicle experience further into the user’s digital life, making it an increasingly popular feature. This report tracks the latest trends and various digital key offerings across three major regions, as well as the features and pricing models of each system.

Cyber Security Legislation Guide

This guide offers a reference tool that helps you separate important cyber security requirements from outdated publications – allowing you to confidently focus on the issues that matter. Thorough insights are provided into the history of each legislation and their wider implications.


EV & UX Reports

EV Guide

As EV popularity and demand continue to surge, tracking the growing EV landscape can quickly become difficult. Cutting through the noise, this guide compares the features offered by OEMs across their EV line-ups, while offering deep, expert, insights on today’s charging infrastructure.

V2G: Bi- Directional EV Energy Management Technologies

Bi-directional charging represents the latest advancement of EV technology and is already showing potential. In this all-new report, we analyze its opportunities and challenges, explore the partnerships it will inspire, and identify the latest pilots and commercial announcements.

EV Legislation & Incentives Guide

While many industry players have strategies for electrification in place, the legislation around it is constantly changing. This report helps OEMs and officials recognize the regulations and incentives for EVs today, as well as the legislation being developed by governments worldwide.

In-Car HMI UX Evaluation Series

In 2023, we evaluated six cars that offered new UX or implemented a solution that was once a pain point for end-users. Looking forward in 2024 our series kicks off this quarter featuring the BMW X1, coming in March.


Connected Services Reports

Connected & Digital Services Guide

Around the world, and across many segments, vehicle connectivity is proliferating. As the connected services landscape grows, this report offers comprehensive insights on its key players, business models, OEM strategies, and more that help you stay on top of it.

Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Guide

With more than 100,000 data points per release, our Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Guide offers the insights you need to track the vast IVI landscape. While detailing the availability, fitment, and pricing of the latest systems, it also spotlights the most interesting industry partnerships.

Connected Car Legislation Guide

As connected cars become more advanced, so too does the legislation around them globally. In this guide, our experts identify the legislation impacting the development and operations of connected services today, while also understanding the impacts of developing legislation.

OTA & Software Update Guide

In 2024, OTA updates are set to become even more common in new vehicles. This guide offers planners and engineers the insights they need to assess their strategies against competitors - identifying the types of updates being delivered today, and the features enabled through FOTA.


Disruption Radar Reports

Start-Up Tracker

In the last 5 years, a variety of automotive start-ups have entered and scaled through the industry, with some gaining international recognition. This guide tracks the latest start-up activities, and news on emerging start-ups, alongside recent partnerships and acquisitions.

Monthly Head-Unit China Guide

The China market not only has the most new vehicle launches per month, but also offers unique features not yet seen in other regions. This monthly guide allows you to track this innovation through expert analysis of the latest launches from China’s domestic and international OEMs.

Health & Wellbeing in Automotive

Following its best-selling 2021 edition, this all-new 2024 version of our Health and Wellbeing in Automotive report offers a full consumer survey update on their preferences around, and propensity to purchase, automotive health and wellbeing technologies in 2024.

2024 Premium Event Report Series

While the world’s largest automotive events offer a wide range of exciting announcements, tracking the implications of each one can be overwhelming. In Q1, our experts already visited CES 2024 (Report Available Now) and will soon visit MWC Barcelona for our next edition in this series.

Feeling behind with all the announcements and rapid changes within the automotive industry already taking place in 2024?

Then be sure to take advantage of our wide selection of curated reports & subscribe to our weekly newsletter below, both designed specifically to keep you ahead of the curve.


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