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Online Seminar: Global Trends Toward SDV, HMI and AI Integration at CES 2024

AI based products dominated the exhibits at CES 2024, with Mercedes-Benz rolling out a beta service integrating ChatGPT into its voice assistant in the first half of 2023, and OEMs such as Volkswagen and BMW also announced solutions incorporating generative AI at CES.  AI can be a powerful tool for improving the user experience, and software-defined vehicles (SDVs) are at the heart of in-vehicle systems.


SBD Automotive is pleased to announce that our Senior Specialist, Masahiro Otsuka will be speaking at the online seminar hosted by IID Inc., "Global Trends toward SDV, HMI and AI Integration at CES 2024". In this seminar, he will explain SBD’s definition of SDV and its benefits, as well as future trends toward HMI and AI integration.

Event Overview:

Date: Friday, April 19, 2024, 10:45~12:00 (JST)

Application Deadline: April 17th, 2024, 12:00 (JST)

Speaker: Masahiro Otsuka, Senior Consulting Specialist - SBD Automotive Japan


  1. Definition of the Software-Defined Vehicle and its benefits

    1. Differences in definitions of SDV by OEMs and SBD's definition of SDV

    2. Why are OEMs rushing to develop the SDV?

    3. Business transformation enabled by SDVs

    4. Supply chain disruption led by SDVs

  2. CES Trend 1 - AI

    1. What are the AI-enabled tools and solutions that that are attracting attention in consumer electronics?

    2. What are the AI-enabled tools and solutions that are attracting attention in the automotive sector?

    3. Changes that AI will bring to automotive development and operation

  3. CES trend 2 - HMI

    1. Software defined switches

    2. Shy tech

    3. AI-enabled HMI solution

  4. CES trend 3 - SDV

    1. SDV-related announcements from major OEMs at CES

    2. Chip vendors to accelerate SDV evolution

    3. SDV solutions provided by software vendors

  5. Q&A

Speaker Profile

Masahiro Otsuka

Senior Consulting Specialist - Product Planning & Technical Strategy

SBD Automotive Japan

Prior to joining SBD Automotive, he gained experience as a software engineer, contributing to the development of various navigation systems for in-vehicle head units.  At SBD Automotive he has been involved in research work in all sectors of connected cars, autonomous driving, and automotive security.  In recent years, he has focused his expertise on research related to SDV and has led SDV strategy development projects for many entities, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and IT vendors. He has given numerous presentations at variety of events in Japan on connected cars, autonomous driving, and SDV in Japan, as well as provided tailored workshops for individual entities.


To learn more about the event & complete your online application click below!


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