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Revolutionizing the Driving Experience: The Impact of Connected Services, Intelligent Cockpits, and Digital Keys in the Auto Industry

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As consumer livelihoods become increasingly digitized, many OEMs have begun to develop digital ecosystems with a variety of innovative services and technologies designed to support, and enhance, the end user experience. At the same time, the continued development of these ecosystems has facilitated the creation of a new landscape of automotive digital services. As OEMs begin to offer them as standard equipment, understanding the scope of these digital-first solutions, as well as the new opportunities and revenue streams they can unlock, can greatly strengthen connectivity strategies while securing future profitability.


Over the next week, we will be releasing three reports that each focus on a different area of this landscape – the Connected & Digital Services Guide, the Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Guide, and the Digital Key Guide. Together, these reports break down a variety of connected systems, services, and technologies provided by hundreds of OEMs in key regions. Deep analysis into these systems, and thorough insights from our industry experts, work similarly to assess how they have evolved in different regions and what their future looks like on a global scale.


In this article, we will take a deep dive into each of these reports – highlighting their contents and key benefits – while sample pages from each report help provide further insight into the knowledge and the opportunities they can enable for developers, OEMs, suppliers, and more.

Connected & Digital Services Guide

Connected vehicle services offered by many automakers around the world support customers as they navigate the vehicle lifecycle – from the point of leasing or purchasing a vehicle, through to its maintenance and repair. However, as the landscape for these services continues to grow, so do the risks of implementing the wrong strategy or falling behind competitor offerings.


Taking a pulse on this vast ecosystem with more than 100,000 data points per release is our Connected & Digital Services Guide. While highlighting the strategies OEMs are using to enable their connected services, our industry experts provide comprehensive insights into the landscape’s key players, business models, and more. Here, our experts identify which OEMs have the most competitive connected service offering, compare how OEMs are pricing and equipping connected features across their vehicle line-ups, and profile the suppliers they are relying on for their connected car eco-system.

Recognizing the rapid development of these services, the report is published bi-annually with versions covering the USA, Europe, and China. For 2024, its scope extends to analyze some of the latest, most exciting, innovations emerging from the connectivity landscape including features-as-a-service (FaaS), video streaming, and in-vehicle gaming.

Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Guide

Today, a growing number of OEMs are equipping their latest vehicles with more ADAS and autonomous driving functions, and more intelligent infotainment solutions. While the scope of these features can vary between models, they largely work to enhance the user experience and can often be found in the cockpit. As they become more common, understanding how the ecosystem for these features is evolving while tracking the broad range of solutions being delivered by OEMs in different regions, and across different trim levels, can seem daunting.


In this report, our connectivity experts explore the global cockpit ecosystem – breaking down which solutions and configurations are being offered by premium and volume OEMs across several regions to uncover which ones have the most advanced cockpit offering. Within this analysis, expert insight is provided into the availability, fitment, and pricing of these solutions. The report offers similar insights into these technologies from a business perspective, highlighting the strategies enabling them as well as the latest partnerships emerging from the cockpit ecosystem.


Operating as a single reference point for this ecosystem, this report is updated bi-annually for the USA, Europe, and China – accounting for new developments and product releases globally. For each of these regions, the report is equipped with more than 100,000 data points per release that, together, profile hundreds of individual cockpit configurations and include queries on trending features such as haptic feedback, digital rearview mirrors, and wireless charging.

Digital Key Guide

In recent years, more and more vehicle experiences are being extended to smartphones – the most notable of which is the digital key. Using wireless communication technologies, this feature enables the user’s smartphone to lock, unlock, and start their vehicle.


While it is widely seen as a premium feature today, digital keys (especially those utilizing a smartphone) are set to become an increasingly common experience in the near future. At the same time, a proliferation in the accessibility of this technology encouraged by native integrations and cross-industry partnerships could lead to digital keys replacing the traditional key fob altogether.


Updated annually, our Digital Key Guide delivers the highlights from the growing landscape of digital key systems – tracking the latest trends and OEM offerings across the USA, Europe, and China. For each system, the report identifies their key features and pricing models while understanding the technologies being used to produce them. Within this deep dive, our experts more closely assess the pros and cons of each system, with a focus on their convenience and security, and more broadly compare proprietary OEM implementations with aftermarket solutions.

“The 712 Digital Key Guide Deep Dive is a really valuable resource for Digital Key Designers and Product Planners. It provides coverage of the 3 major markets and details digital key features and technologies for all known systems on the market. This can help with assessing the historical and current trends for security and convenience.” - Sam Nelstrop, Supplier & Tech Market Intelligence Specialist at SBD Automotive

Next Steps

As shown throughout this Insight, each of these reports provide consolidated reference points for the most interesting, most lucrative, connected technologies and services being offered today. Together, they offer a deep pool of knowledge that helps you navigate the vast, constantly evolving, digital services landscape and future proof your connectivity strategies.


Want to gain expert insights into the technologies discussed in this article? Then be sure to click below and secure your copy of our Connected & Digital Services Guide, Digital Cockpit & Infotainment Guide, and our Digital Key Guide today!


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