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How will the Software-Defined Vehicle Impact the Automotive Industry?

Across the industry, a growing number of automakers – including legacy OEMs and newer startups – are equipping their latest vehicles with advanced software integrations. While this trend can be observed today in the extension and enhancement of contemporary IVI capabilities, automakers are already investigating the ways in which software can similarly enrich key areas of the vehicle lifecycle.


The culmination of this trend is the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV), one which will provide the industry with new opportunities to capitalize on many user experiences and accelerate innovation across several feature domains. With the SDV set to impact a range of industry verticals, it is essential that any automaker looking to enter this exciting new space is equipped with the necessary knowledge and best practices to navigate it.


This Insight highlights our new family of reports that offer expert knowledge on the Software-Defined Vehicle and the best approaches to developing and deploying it. Released over the course of 2023, three of these reports take a deep dive into how and where the SDV will impact different areas of the vehicle development cycle, while the fourth understands how SDV-enabling technologies will develop over the next 10 years. Together, they provide today’s OEMs, start-ups, suppliers, and developers with an invaluable source of knowledge on the vehicle of tomorrow.

SBD Automotive's Software-Defined Vehicle Reports

Software-Defined Vehicle: E/E Architecture Guide

Our first report covering the SDV focuses on the core E/E architecture that enables and empowers it. Here, expert insight is provided into key SDV trends and technologies, alongside the best decision-making practices that work to achieve maximize cost efficiency.


Software-Defined Vehicle: Organization and Strategies

This report assesses the various strategies being deployed by automakers to integrate Software-Defined Vehicles into new vehicle line-ups. Through it, our experts also highlight the challenges and constraints of SDV development from an organizational perspective.

Securing the Software-Defined Vehicle

While outlining key organizational cybersecurity practices, this report offers a detailed, chip-to-cloud look at the SDV. In doing so, it provides a high-level threat model of a typical SDV architecture and identifies how best to detect and prevent cyber attacks.

Software-Defined Vehicle Forecast

Our latest SDV report is a forecast that understands how major OEM groups will deploy SDV-enabling tech over the next decade. While accounting for different regions and segments, an adjacent Excel version offers analysis sorted by brand, country, and revenues.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our SDV reports and insights!


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