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Multi-source automotive software stacks

Understanding the software solution landscape for the software-defined vehicle

The automotive software supply chain is undergoing a fundamental shift as the industry moves towards Software-defined Vehicles. But, a Software-defined Vehicle needs vast amounts of software. OEMs such as Tesla, BMW, VW, Mercedes, Stellantis, and Volvo have made a lot of announcements about developing their own software base. But do traditional vertical stack software development paradigms scale to allow OEMs to do what they want to do? Will integrating third-party software into those OEM stacks help to make that scaling possible? This webinar lifts the lid on what third-party software brings to the car, and why differing OEM strategies will see them combining commercially-managed and community-managed software platforms within their stacks across infotainment and safety systems, but in different ways and over different timelines. Which approach will be best for your business?


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