For over 15 years, the SBD Automotive Japan team has brought clients a balance of tech expertise, market intelligence and creative thinking with global mind-sets, supporting clients from business strategy, product planning, to consumer insights and service operation.

SBD Automotive's Nagoya office was the first to open outside of the UK, acting as a local information and support hub for both Japanese clients, and clients outside Japan preparing for successful entry and sustainable ambition.


Our off-the shelf research report library give you fast access to the latest industry data and insights.

We offer a regularly updated library of automotive forecasts, databases, guides, surveys and analytical reports, including the recently released OTA & Software-Delivered Features Report, EV Charging & Infrastructure Guide, and Tech Giants in Automotive.


With the CASES landscape evolving at an exponential rate, the industry and its partners must be equipped with the necessary tools and strategic guidance to support its vision for the future.

For over 25 years, SBD Automotive has supported OEMs, suppliers, investors and governments with the research, strategy, technical and testing support needed to succeed in fast-changing markets.

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Since 2006, SBD Automotive's Nagoya office in Japan has supported the industry with fast access to expert research, consulting, and data.

Working directly with automotive manufacturers and suppliers in south-east Asia, the SBD Automotive Japan team is looking ready to help you solve problems in this fast-moving industry.

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Conference: Software-Defined Vehicles 

The SBD Automotive Japan Team is holding a conference titled "Motivation and transformation accompanying realization".

In this conference, we will invite guest speakers from Amazon Web Services and Red Hat to discuss the elements that make up SDV, from development to commercialization, their hierarchical structure, the technologies that make it possible, and the potential monetization strategies.