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SBD Automotive Q4 Highlights

In the final quarter of 2023, many of the automotive industry’s most prominent players shared an extensive range of new announcements, initiatives, reveals, launches, and more for both the year ahead, and the future beyond. Though with such a high volume of important innovation moving so quickly, determining the most significant moments from each passing quarter, as well as their wider implications for automotive, can become a difficult task.


This Insight highlights our latest activities from the last three months – including our latest Insight articles and research reports. Together, these activities work to cut through the noise and deliver clear insights on the most interesting, insightful, and impactful industry updates from the last quarter.


Q4 Quarterly Wrap-Up

Our final Quarterly Wrap-Up report for 2023 maps out the key trends across CASES and AI that have defined the automotive landscape in the last three months. It also identifies five key organizations who delivered the most impact over this period.

SBD Explores: Bi-directional Charging - Unlocking the Potential

A new EU regulation will require its member states to assess how charging points can allow EVs to support a flexible energy system and store renewable electricity. This insight explores the impact of this regulation on EV owners, energy consumers, OEMs, and charging companies.

SBD Explores: The Emerging New Ecosystem for Software-Defined Vehicles

The successful implementation of SDVs will allow for hardware and software to be developed independently, enabling OEMs to meet changing customer demands. In this edition of SBD Explores, our experts highlight the strategies available to OEMs and the benefits of each one.

SBD Explores: What are 800V EVs and Should Automakers be Adopting it?

While 800V architectures can help OEMs improve the consumer experience of their vehicles, they come at a higher build cost than current solutions. For this edition, we take a deep dive into today’s 800V market – outlining its advantages, disadvantages, and key players.

SBD Explores: Leveraging Automotive SBOMs to Enhance Security and Traceability

Software Bill of Materials are a machine-readable format that enable crucial quality tracking and verification processes and are now being deployed to secure the SDVs of the future. This Insight explores the status of SBOMs in automotive and how they keep vehicle software safe.

SBD Explores: The Revolution of In-Car Experience with New AI Engine

OEMs and suppliers are rapidly developing new virtual assistants powered by Large Language Models to deliver enhanced IVI experiences. In this Insight, we identify the opportunities and challenges in creating these assistants, examining their implications for consumers and OEMs.

How will the Software-Defined Vehicle Impact the Automotive Industry?

With the SDV set to impact many industry verticals, any OEM looking to develop one must be equipped with the best knowledge and practices to do so. This Insight profiles our family of SDV-focused reports that provide a vital source of knowledge on the vehicle of the future.

Are Legacy Automakers Floundering in their Commitment to the EV Revolution?

As EVs continue to hold centerstage in the automotive world, US auto giants are doubling down on their EV commitments. But are they really? Using VIN data from VehiclePlannerPro, this Insight tracks how long their EVs are listed on dealership inventories, and when they are sold.

Reports Released in Q4


The MG4 EV was the last car to be reviewed as part of our HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking series, in which our experts thoroughly test, evaluate, and benchmark the latest HMI systems launched around the world. In addition to MG’s live services, the EV also offers a suite of ADAS.

In-Car HMI UX Evaluation & Benchmarking - End of Year Summary

In 2023, we evaluated six cars that offered new UX or implemented a solution that was once a pain point for end-users. This report benchmarks the HMI systems featured in these cars across several feature domains.

Software-Defined Vehicle Forecast

The Software-Defined Vehicle Forecast assesses the growth enabling SDV technologies in different regions and segments. A ten-year forecast identifies how major OEM groups will deploy future E/E architecture elements, while evaluating how these elements are expected to evolve.

Localization & Map-based ADAS

This report outlines the localization technologies being embraced by OEMs and the use cases they enable. While analyzing the ecosystem for these technologies today, the report also looks ahead – offering a five-year forecast for the adoption of new ADAS and localization systems.

Cyber Security Legislation Guide

The Cyber Security Legislation Guide offers a reference highlighting important requirements, while providing a background and timeline for each legislation as well as the best practices and standards. It also identifies their implications and where you need to be looking.

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