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Broadcast media in the personalized software-defined vehicle

In a world where cloud media streaming is second nature to nearly anyone who can afford to buy a new car, broadcast media continues to be the most important in-vehicle audio service to drivers and car buyers. As the industry approaches the age of the Software-defined Vehicle with myriad online media sources, though, is there still space for this 100-year-old concept, or has the day of in-car broadcast radio come to a natural end?

Field data shows that car drivers still listen to the radio. 90% of US car buyers in a recent survey by Edison Research expect broadcast radio as standard, and 82% said they would be less likely to buy a car that did not have a radio. More respondents listened frequently to car radio than online streaming services (65% compared to 23%), and they primarily listened to get news and information (63%). So, even against the growing impact of online content provision in the car, the appetite for broadcast media remains strong.

This white paper outlines the correlation between traditional in-vehicle broadcast media services and the software-defined vehicle of the future. In doing so, it understands how they could mutually benefit one another, while identifying the challenges an evolving ecosystem of broadcast services poses to automakers today. For OEMs and broadcast service providers, the white paper takes the pulse of consumer attitudes surrounding this ecosystem today – assessing their viewpoints and expectations around complimentary and premium service offerings. In looking ahead, it defines the best practices for automakers seeking to leverage broadcast media and new vehicle technologies to deliver a variety of interesting, personalized, user experiences.


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