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What you missed at MWC 2024

In its 2024 edition, MWC Barcelona presented a comprehensive conference program of panels, keynotes, and summits that assembled today’s visionaries and explored the future of connectivity.

To dig deeper into the innovations shared on the show floor, we sent our industry experts to explore what the event had to offer and understand its implications for the future of automotive. Together, they distilled its key highlights and top trends into our dedicated Event Flash Report for MWC 2024.


Available as a complimentary report, it provides a grounded summary of the trends, announcements, and products shared at MWC 2024. In this article, we will offer a glimpse of what the Flash Report covers and identify how you can learn even more about the exciting connectivity advancements showcased at the event.


SBD Automotive MWC 2024 Flash Report

This complimentary Flash Report for SBD Automotive subscribers highlights the OEM trends, latest research announcements, novel products, and significant announcements.


The Present, and Future, of Generative AI

Generative AI had a strong presence across the show floor this year, demonstrated through use cases such as voice assistants, image creation, and workforce training. Qualcomm exhibited on-device generative AI capabilities across many devices, including vehicles, and revealed an AI Hub to help developers produce new AI applications. Through an immersive exhibition, Google showcased new AI-enabled features for Android Auto. While the user is driving, the system can now summarize long texts and recommend relevant replies – allowing the user to respond while keeping their eyes on the road.

5G and 5G Advanced

5G was widely covered across MWC 2024 through topics such as 5G Advanced, 5G private networks, and opportunities for 5G monetization. 5G Advanced, for example, presents the next evolution of the connectivity standard and will support a wider range of use cases. Here, companies from various regions used the event to announce, and demonstrate, new solutions

enabled by 5G Advanced. Its rollout is expected to commence in 2025, making its debut through a series of commercial deployments.

AI-focused collaboration

While facilitating much of MWC 2024’s program, AI also enabled new collaborations. At the event, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat by &e, Singtel, SK Telecom and SoftBank launched their joint venture – the Global Telco AI Alliance. Together, these companies will develop Large Language Models (LLMs) designed to help telecom companies improve customer interactions through digital assistants and chatbots. Tailored to the specific needs of these companies, the venture says that its LLMs will be able to understand user intent more clearly than general LLMs – allowing them to improve the customer experience, provide a better service, and automate key workflows designed for query resolution.



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MWC 2024 showcased both a broad variety of innovations, spanning the full connectivity landscape, and a strong potential for how these innovations can be applied to many automotive technologies and business models. However, the highlights detailed in this article represent only a portion of the comprehensive expert insights shared in our MWC 2024 Premium Event Report.

Available as part of our new Premium Event Report Series, it offers a full, detailed, view of MWC 2024’s key conferences, trends, exhibitions, and innovations – breaking down their impacts on the automotive industry to cut through the noise and provide you with the information, analysis, and takeaways you need to strengthen your connectivity strategy.

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