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Stay up-to-date with the latest Quarterly Wrap-Up!

Within the automotive industry, each quarter brings a wide variety of activities and announcements. Across it, new players and legacy OEMs reveal their latest products, detail new corporate strategies, and expand their business through new acquisitions and/or investments. Released rapidly over the course of a short time span, staying on top of the sheer volume of these announcements, and understanding their broader impacts, can quickly become a difficult task.

Cutting through the noise and delivering the key highlights from the past three months are our Quarterly Wrap-Ups. Delivered at the end of each financial quarter, this complimentary report series provides a clear, focused, overview of latest news and trends spanning all areas of CASES (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric, and Secure) as well as the broader automotive industry. Further insight and analysis from the perspective of our experts understands the impacts and implications of this activity for automotive moving forward. The first Wrap-Up of the year alone has already captured a broad range of 2023’s early trends – from the growing presence of tech giants to the rise of dedicated AI applications for the automotive industry.

It begins with a clear, holistic, understanding of the very latest automotive headlines. While delivering a concise breakdown of these stories, our experts also highlight their larger implications and potential impacts on the industry moving forward. The report’s executive summary works similarly, though extends its scope more broadly to the quarter’s key themes and players across CASES, with highlights and analysis offered for each area.

Top Trends compiles the most significant trends from the last three months into precise, hype-free, insights. Spread over more than 20 pages in the Q1 2023 edition, these trends are introduced through the Trend Radar – which provides clear, focused, overviews for each one while identifying where they will impact the industry and how soon this impact will begin to be felt.

The section then profiles each of the trends shown on the radar, correlating the news stories that bought the trend about, while understanding their early implications. A notable example from the last quarter is the trend of Google maintaining its automotive footing through the signing of new partnerships with Polestar and Mercedes-Benz and the company’s announcement of new capabilities for its EV map services. Insightful, individual, perspectives from our industry experts are provided for every one of the quarter’s trends – offering a deeper look at their immediate and potential impacts while outlining how best to respond. Throughout this analysis, the section also identifies the place of each trend on the radar, which area of CASES it will affect, and where in the world its impact will be felt.

Engaging more directly with the mobility market’s key players is Major Movers. Here, the report highlights various organizations who, in the last quarter, have impacted the industry across a number of verticals. For each quarter, our experts will identify a Top Disruptor, Top Performer, Top Newcomer, Top Innovator, and Top Communicator – offering their perspective on these activities and understanding their significance moving forward.

In addition to highlighting a broad variety of the latest trends and activities, each report takes a deep dive into a hot topic from the passing quarter that will be key to the future of automotive. This quarter’s edition focuses on Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs) and their potential impacts to the industry and beyond. While highlighting recent partnership activity within the space, this section outlines the evolution of vehicle technologies that led to the inception of the software-defined vehicle. Expert insights are then provided into the various benefits of the SDV – from enhancing key business operations and the user experience to the new opportunities it will generate for software companies across the board – and the best practices to prepare for its arrival.

Following this is the ‘Everything Else’ section, which offers a complete list of every major announcement from the quarter. Sourced from an array of industry news sites and PR webpages, its stories are categorized by CASES with a direct link for more information attached to each entry.

Even with the wide range of trends and topics discussed here, this article represents only a portion of the variety provided in our Quarterly Wrap-Up series. Available as a free report for anyone to download and read, each entry offers deep insights from our consultants around the latest updates, new technologies, and notable activities that have impacted automotive in the last three months.

Want to learn more about the industry's latest and most exciting movements? Download your copy of the full Quarterly Wrap-Up Report below!


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