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Coordinating the Connected Car and Network Edge Avoid Breaking the Internet

Webinar: Out now

Today’s internet is not ready for tomorrow’s connected cars. Future automotive workloads are pushing performance boundaries at the Network Edge, potentially to breaking point. Without significant change to both vehicle data management and telecommunications network infrastructure plans, and coordination between the two, the automotive industry looks set to break the internet by 2030.

In this webinar, Kurt Dusterhoff of SBD Automotive is be joined by AECC board members Roger Berg of Denso and Christer Boberg of Ericsson to answer key questions about how collaboration among connectivity and automotive industry experts is addressing:

  • How can we prioritize and distribute workloads and data transfers to smooth out network demand?

  • What kind of steps do connected vehicle service architects need to consider to ensure national/global scalability?

  • Is there more to enabling global future data-rich services beyond fixing the data capacity pinchpoints?


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