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Preparing for a new automotive cyber reality

A Guide to WP.29 Cyber Security and ISO/SAE 21434 In the 1990s, car makers struggled to address a sudden growth in vehicle theft, leading to outside bodies introducing tough new requirements. In 2020, the threat of cyber attacks has now led the UNECE and ISO/SAE to introduce new regulations and standards respectively that will have major implications on how cars are designed - and could even limit the launch or sale of cars. Welcome to SBD Automotive’s complimentary guide to WP.29 Cyber Security and ISO/SAE 21434 - two documents that will transform the automotive industry’s approach to cyber security. Here, we have done the hard work for you, condensing hundreds of pages of regulations and standards into an accessible reference guide that provides actionable insights and a quick-start checklist to getting 21434-ready.


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