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Automotive technology trends at CES 2024

Navigate the chaos of CES with SBD Automotive's event insights, trends tour, and post-event reports, giving you a head-start on the event by knowing what to look for, what to ignore, and how to stay up-to-date with anything you may have missed, with all of the latest announcements from the Las Vegas show floor.

Join Andrew Hart as he walks you through the automotive technology trends at CES 2024.

If you haven't had a chance to come to Vegas this year (or if you're here but stuck in meetings!), here's a summary of the key trends we've seen.

  • The race to explore automotive AI use cases heats up.

  • Tech players show off their cars as Car makers show off their tech.

  • Suppliers demo new Software Defined Vehicle experiences.

  • Hydrogen gets further backing.

  • Asian Robotaxi players flex their muscles.

  • External-facing vehicle displays gain importance.


SBD Automotive CES 2024 Flash Report

This complimentary Flash Report for SBD Automotive subscribers highlights the OEM trends, latest research announcements, novel products, and significant announcements.


SBD Automotive CES 2024 tour map

Download and print your map Everything you need to know about the navigating the show, including the time it takes to walk the Halls, which booths you must not miss, and a top tips section to help make sure you make the most of the event.


Real-time updates, directly from our team

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We had ten automotive industry experts from SBD Automotive at the show, publishing wrap-ups of key announcements & trends, and creating our upcoming Flash Report and Premium CES Event Report. You can also follow some of the team who were busy updating live from the show floor.


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The Premium Event Report Series provides comprehensive insights into the full scope of what several important events offer to the automotive industry. Each new entry covers a different event, taking a deep dive into their latest reveals and trends alongside their key talking points and topics. The series also works to understand the implications of these reveals for the industry at large. This report series spans several events taking place over the year, including CES 2024, with new entries released within two weeks of the event.


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