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Exploring the reach of AutoRoadmaps: A Q&A with Harsha G. K.

Automotive innovation is at an inflection point, with strong technological innovations already being made in preparation for advancements such as the software-defined vehicle and higher levels of vehicle autonomy. At the same time, OEMs around the world are rolling out, refining, and future-proofing the business models and service offerings that will support the continued growth of these advancements.


As this innovation continues to grow, and as its implications and impacts become more widespread across the industry, it is important for any player looking to secure their space in the exciting future of automotive to have a pulse on today’s trends and how they are evolving. However, prioritizing the most relevant trends, while staying up-to-date on their progress, and also understanding the impacts of each one can quickly become difficult.

Introducing AutoRoadMaps 

Delivering grounded, concise, insights into these trends is AutoRoadmaps – an advanced data tool which highlights the latest updates and announcements from the global automotive market, while identifying how, and where, OEMs are capitalizing on new industry trends.

This database covers 13 OEM groups and more than 50 trends, picking up the important industry news as “signal” to show the trend, like different autonomy level adoption or 5G launch etc. by each OEM, and update it every quarter. You can see which OEM deploy each technology in which timing in which regions, as “trend roadmap”, and also check at a glance how many OEMs are deploying each technology in certain timing, so that you can see the maturity and forecast of each technology trend. We fully cover US, EU and China market, while partially covering Japan and South Korea.

In this Insight, we interview Harsha G. K., Data Lead for AutoRoadmaps – exploring the various benefits of the tool, and its latest features

Q&A with Harsha G. K.

SBD: Thanks for joining us, Harsha.

Harsha: Happy to be here!

SBD: So, could you tell us, what is AutoRoadmaps, and what does it provide for the industry?

Harsha: AutoRoadmaps is a powerful data tool that helps our customers stay ahead in a complex, competitive, industry market, providing reliable and insightful information in a number of ways. In gathering trusted data, for example, it collects information from a variety of dependable sources, carefully verifying the accuracy of this information before it’s analyzed by our experts. Here, human specialists comb through the data collected by AutoRoadmaps and review it to ensure that it’s both relevant and useful. Having sifted through this information, it is then presented in a clear, organized way that makes it easy for our customers to understand and act upon.

Q2: As the automotive industry landscape continues to evolve at such a rapid pave, what are some of the key benefits AutoRoadmaps offers to help readers stay ahead of the curve?

Harsha: One of the most important benefits bought about by AutoRoadmaps is its ability to help customers save time. As a single reference point, it streamlines your processes by gathering all the information and updates you need into one place. At the same time, the tool defines the market and its products clearly, driving the efficiency needed to enable better decision-making. Another key benefit of the tool for our customers is its ability to help them identify new opportunities, therefore allowing them to uncover areas of improvement and gain a competitive edge. AutoRoadmaps also aligns the team, since everyone has access to the same information, leading to better collaboration.

Q3: What are some of the biggest improvements made within the report in the past six months?

Harsha: In the last six months we’ve added, and are continuing to add, many new signal sources to AutoRoadmaps. While providing customers with a wider range of reliable data, these new sources also allow us to improve the collection and the quality of the signals themselves. During that time, AutoRoadmaps has also been updated with clear explanations of the definitions of each trend as well as what is included and excluded in the scope of each one with detailed explanations. We also have created a new AutoRoadmaps sample that showcases real data from the full report.

Q4: Where do you find all the highlights and signals contained in the report, and how do you measure their importance?

Harsha: The highlights and the signals contained in AutoRoadmaps are gathered from a variety of reliable, trustworthy, sources. Every month thousands of auto-related signals are tracked from articles and patents – including the official press announcements made by OEMs themselves. Their importance is ultimately processed and measured by our experts. After processing, our experts then take care to quality check and review high impact signals that companies need to be tracking.

Q5: Who would benefit the most from the insights shared in AutoRoadmaps?

Harsha: This report is tailor-made for planning and marketing teams within the OEMs. It offers comprehensive analysis of the current market landscape, coupled with insightful forecasts on the future trends that directly impact OEMs. This combination empowers the possibility of confident, informed, decisions that can turn into effective strategies for long-term success.


From its capability to provide a single reference point full of trusted, traceable, data, to sourcing and prioritizing updates from thousands of data sources, the wide-ranging insights offered by AutoRoadmaps allow a broad scope of OEMs, suppliers, start-ups, and more to stay well-informed on the latest trends. In identifying how these trends will impact their core operations and future strategies, the report enables industry players to react in a swift, confident manner. While our Q&A with Harsha provides expert insights into how AutoRoadmaps works, and how it can benefit your business, it represents only a portion of what the full report has to offer.


Delivered quarterly to account for the rapid evolution of today’s automotive trends, AutoRoadmaps helps you stay up-to-date on these changes and their potential impacts on the industry. The report more broadly offers an invaluable data source that has been designed to encourage clear, confident, and quick decision-making in an ever-evolving, fast-changing, market. Distilling its intelligence data from more than 10,000 trusted sources, AutoRoadmaps offers a comprehensive set of relevant insights that allow you to save time, optimize products, uncover gaps, and align teams to create market confidence.

Want to learn more about how AutoRoadmaps can help you stay on top of important industry trends?

Click below to download your free preview, containing a link to your complimentary sample of the AutoRoadmaps data tool!


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