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escar USA Conference - Securing the software-defined vehicle

In June 2022, SBD Automotive’s N. America Director, Alex Oyler presented a keynote presentation to security leaders at escar USA on how software-defined vehicles represent a significant shift in how automakers design and source hardware and software for the car. This level of change introduces risk through new attack surfaces with novel impacts while the processes and tools needed to securely build and support vehicles are ripped and replaced.

To introduce increasing levels of sophistication in vehicle hardware and software, SBD Automotive recommends that the industry make proportional investments in overhauling its cybersecurity processes, tools, and organizations. Beyond this, cybersecurity must be reinforced by design through organizational re-alignment and empowered product cybersecurity. The risk of just one automaker getting it wrong represents a risk to the industry at large, and coordination in anticipating, preventing, surfacing, and mitigating attacks should be prioritized in every stakeholders' approach to security in the software-defined vehicle.

Download a free copy of Alex’s presentation and reach out to set up a briefing on what this means for your organization.


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