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Coordinating the Connected Car and Network Edge

Future automotive workloads are pushing performance boundaries at the Network Edge, potentially to breaking point. The connected vehicle ecosystem is rapidly transforming from delivering a basic telematics service to a combination of data-rich consumer services and data-intensive transportation-enabler services. Thirty-one million vehicles with embedded forward-facing cameras will be sold in Western markets in 2025, generating up to 10 Exabytes of data per day to be processed by off-board resources. According to the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC), network sustainability will become an issue if the majority of that data is all being uploaded in peak times (Mobile World Live, 2022). Without significant change to both vehicle data management and telecommunications network infrastructure plans, and coordination between the two, the automotive industry looks set to break the internet by 2030.

SBD Automotive and the AECC have collaborated to create a new White Paper looking at how long-term automotive workloads at the network edge face significant challenges.


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