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Conference: Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) - Motivation and Transformation

The Software-defined Vehicle (SDV) is a concept that refers to a vehicle whose main functions are defined by software. With the rapid evolution of digital life surrounding the automotive industry, consumer expectations for cars continue to change, and continuous vehicle updates are essential to keep the value of cars competitive in the future.

In recent years, SBD Automotive has been continuously conducting research on SDV with OEMs, automotive suppliers, and technology companies around the world. - We will hold a conference titled "Motivation and transformation accompanying realization". In this conference, we will invite guest speakers from Amazon Web Services and Red Hat to discuss the elements that make up SDV, from development to commercialization, their hierarchical structure, the technologies that make SDV possible, and SDV monetization strategies.

Date: October 7, 2022 (Friday) 14:00-17:20 (Scheduled)

Venue: Belle Salle Tokyo Nihonbashi 5F (See map) -

Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required, deadline as soon as capacity is reached)

Speakers: AWS, Red Hat, SBD Automotive

* Consecutive interpretation will be provided for the English lecture. Agenda

1. Opening remarks (SBD Automotive Japan)

2. SDV Needs Hierarchy: Organization and Processes, Vehicle Platforms, Software Supply Chain/Partners, Development Toolchain, Commercialization/Experience (SBD Automotive, CEO, Andrew Hart)

3. Realization of SDV software strategy (Red Hat, Principal EcoSystem development Manager In-Vehicle OS Product and Technology, Mr. Hidehiko Wakabayashi, Enterprise Business Headquarters Manufacturing Service Division, Mr. Yoji Inoue)

4. Monetization of SDV: Personalization, Insights, Data, OTA, FaaS (SBD Automotive Japan, Senior Consulting Specialist, Masahiro Otsuka)

5. Leveraging the Cloud for SDV Tooling and Simulation (Amazon Web Services)

6. Panel discussion (Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, SBD Automotive)

7. Networking (Snacks and drinks will be provided)

*Contents are subject to change due to circumstances. Please note. Application/Inquiries

You can apply for this conference from the URL below. Please use your Business Email address to sign up. Please note that we may refuse applications from those who use free e-mail/personal e-mail or from people in the same industry.


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