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Preparing for regulated automotive over-the-air updates

A Guide to WP.29 OTA and ISO/AWI 24089

The proliferation of over the air software update capabilities for automotive OEMs has created massive opportunities for new business models and consumer experiences. It also provides a fundamental weapon in the OEM’s arsenal of cybersecurity countermeasures – the ability to remotely patch vulnerabilities is a fundamental need for highly connected and autonomous vehicles.

However... Software updates systems also represent a juicy target for hackers – privileged access to software update mechanisms is one of the main vectors used to exploit remote systems. Providing a secure over the air update capability with appropriate controls to ensure functional safety is the core intent of the WP.29 remote software update resolution which will guide type approval regulations in many member countries. This insight intends to show the main elements of the resolution, the intent of the associated ISO standardization activity, and recommendations for companies involved in the OTA value chain.


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