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CES 2023: Flash Report

CES 2023 was attended on-site by 9 members of the SBD team, including the CEO, CCO, Director - North America, production managers, analysts and more.

A technology-focused trade show held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada where manufacturers, suppliers and developers showcase their latest innovations at conferences and booths, CES has a global reach with over 115,000 attendees and 3,200 exhibitors from 174 countries.

Technologies shown at CES are generally focused on the consumer electronics sector, however in recent years the automotive sector has had an increasing presence. Automotive technologies are now a major section of the show with many key players using it to unveil their latest announcements.

The 2023 CES Flash Report provides a summary of the key automotive trends, research, products, and announcements from the event.

Download your complimentary copy of the Flash Report


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