New market entry (ADAS)

One of the world’s leading providers of cameras and imaging wanted to understand whether their medical imaging technology could be successfully deployed by the automotive industry

The challenge

The company was looking for opportunities to expand their offering in to new markets. A group of researchers had become aware of front-view camera technology and were interested in finding out whether their technology could be successfully adapted for use by the automotive industry. The company knew that substantial investment would be required. With no experience of the market, they needed expert, independent advice on who their competition would be and whether their technology met the needs of vehicle manufacturers.  Enquire now

The process

Understand what is possible

On-site interviews with the company’s engineers to understand what the technology had to offer, as well as any limitations that might hinder deployment by the automotive industry. Our specialists produced a detailed map of how the technology could be deployed and key opportunities were identified.

Identify if there is a business case

Looking closely at the opportunities, we drew up detailed business models. This was supported by confidential testing of positioning scenarios with our clients to identify whether or not the company’s message would resonate with an automotive audience.

Understand the market

Report delivery and rapid-fire workshop to bring the company up-to-speed with everything they needed to know. A detailed landscape assessment provided clarity on potential customers, the size of the market, who their competitors would be and how the market was likely to evolve.

The outcome

  • We recommended the company pursue alternative markets for their technology. The front-view camera market had become crowded and relatively narrow, the technology required significant software and image processing capability and competitors were already offering a more advanced technology at a lower cost
  • ​Our team did identify ​the potential for deployment in other emerging ADAS markets, as the technology had many of the characteristics manufacturers need to develop highly ​automated vehicles
  • We recommended they start developing the technology and building credibility with a view to approaching vehicle manufacturers in the future.