Current market analysis (ADAS)

One of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers was planning to launch a new luxury brand in the USA and China. They approached SBD looking for advice on whether they needed to improve the competitiveness of their ADAS offering

The challenge

The manufacturer knew the global ADAS market was growing rapidly and that their systems were not the most competitive on the market. They did not have the right expertise internally to identify whether there was a business case for significantly increasing investment in what is still regarded as an emerging industry.

We offered:

  • A long track record in helping the automotive industry develop successful active safety systems
  • A large team of independent specialists
  • A detailed, independent evidence base.
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The process

Understand what is really happening in the market

Our Autonomous Car specialists put together a detailed introductory workshop, providing an overview of the global ADAS market. This included who the key players were, which technologies had been most successful and which regions were experiencing the most growth.

Clarify the company’s competitive position

We produced a detailed, brand specific report exploring how competitive the manufacturer’s ADAS offering was in terms of technology, hardware and human machine interface. The report concluded that no immediate action was required, but in the longer term, the company’s position would become unsustainable.

Identify an appropriate response

A team of R&D engineers, product planners and brand managers from the company gave a short presentation to our specialists, highlighting key businesses objectives and their vision for the future. This was followed by an interactive workshop and structured debate to agree clear ‘Go’ and No-Go’ areas. We then continued to work closely with the business to develop clear, actionable objectives to achieve a more competitive ADAS offering by 2020.

The outcome

  • Our client achieved a clear understanding of how their ADAS offering ranked against their competitors and what specific actions were needed
  • The company has since made significant progress and are now working on some cutting edge and very competitive ADAS systems
  • Our experts continue to support their team as they work towards their 2020 targets.