Business improvement

One of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers knew their connected services program was falling behind their competitors. We helped them build a case for developing a connected car program that was in line with business objectives

The challenge

Our Connected Services Tracker provided confirmation that the manufacturer's connected services program was falling behind its competitors. While this was recognized by a large number of individuals within the organization, they needed to convince decision makers to act.

We offered:
  • Advice they could trust
  • An independent, clear and detailed view
  • Coherent solutions aligned with the company's values and KPIs
  • Specialists with extensive experience in a wide range of connected car markets.


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The process

Define end goals

We interviewed senior managers to get a clear view of what the manufacturer wanted to achieve from their connected services program.

Understand what is really happening in the market

10,000 pages of market intelligence and competitor analysis, distilled in to a one day workshop brought the company up-to-speed with everything they needed to know quickly.

Choose features (the SBD way)

Rather than focusing solely on what competitors were offering, we helped the company choose features that would achieve the business’ KPIs. We also identified parts of the company’s existing infrastructure that could be cost-effectively adapted or reused.

The outcome

  • A clear view of the business case for developing a more competitive connected services program. The company has since decided to make connected services a priority
  • To prevent fragmented solutions and unnecessary costs developing in the future, ​our team are now supporting the company with a second study to ensure their technical and organizational infrastructure can be used successfully across all of their key markets.