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SBD Automotive Seminar: SDV - The True Value of Vehicle OS and its Construction

The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation as it shifts toward SDV adoption. However, each OEM has a different approach to the SDV, and each OEM has a different strategy for it.

SBD Automotive is pleased to present a free seminar titled "Software Defined Vehicle (SDV): The Real Value of a Vehicle Operating System and Its Construction" that will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at TKP Garden City PREMIUM conference center in Nagoya.

The seminar will feature presentations from SBD, AWS, Red Hat, and Wipro – who will each offer their perspectives on the automotive industry's transition to SDV. The seminar will examine what motivates the industry to move toward SDV, and the organizational, technological, and partner strategies needed to achieve it, from the perspectives of the four companies' areas of expertise.

Event Overview:

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2023, 15:00~18:30 (tentative)
Venue: TKP Garden City PREMIUM Nagoya - in front of the station
Admission: Free (pre-registration is required, and will be closed once capacity limit is reached)
Speakers: Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, Wipro & SBD Automotive

*The seminar will be conducted in Japanese.

*Online delivery is not planned, only on-site.


The True Value of Vehicle OS and its Construction - The automotive industry is rapidly shifting towards SDV. At the same time, however, Japanese OEMs and suppliers seem to be having a hard time keeping up with these changes. This presentation will discuss SBD's vision of the SDV, the benefits it will bring to OEMs, and the technologies and strategies needed to achieve it.

Masahiro Otsuka

Senior Consulting Specialist - Automotive and Cloud Software

SBD Automotive Japan


Case Studies of Overseas OEMs/Tier-1s who are Ahead in Speedy SDV Development and Trends in Container Adoption - In SDV development, development speeds and how change is responded to can make a big difference. For this reason, both the introduction of containers in automotive ECUs and software development using containers in a cloud environment have gained prominence in recent years. This session will discuss how overseas OEMs/Tier-1s are responding to these issues and include further examples from the aviation industry.

Mr. Hidehiko Wakabayashi

Principal Ecosystem Development Manager, Automotive OS Edge Division

Red Hat, Inc.

Mr. Yoji Inoue

Senior Cloud Solution Specialist, Enterprise Business Management Division

Red Hat, Inc.


The Potential of SDV and Cloud-Native Design and Organization - The transition to SDV is not just digitalization, but also a transformation of technology, processes and organizational practices that help maximize the value of software. What is Wipro's concept of value maximization? What are the necessary technologies and organizational strategies? We will answer these questions based on global industry trends and our track record of support.

Mr. Kazuhiro Ikeda

Director, Automotive & Manufacturing Industry

Wipro Japan K.K.


Introduction of SDV Initiatives in AWS - In this session, Yukihiko will provide an overview of AWS' initiatives in the automotive field and touch on how to accelerate SDV development by leveraging cloud-native environments. He will also share how the entire automotive industry is moving toward SDV and the challenges that must be overcome to make the SDV practical, while introducing examples of global automotive companies that AWS collaborates with and AWS partner solutions.

Mr. Yukihiko Tachibana

Sr. Specialist, World Wide Specialist Organization

Amazon Web Services Japan, LLC


Panel Discussion/Networking - The event will conclude with the representatives from all four companies coming together for an informative panel discussion followed by time for networking amongst all participants.

To Register for the Event (free of charge) Click below

*Please register using the e-mail address of the domain of your company/organization.

**Registration by other companies in the same industry, individuals, or free e-mail addresses not accepted.

Please note that we may contact you to inform you that we cannot accept your application if the seminar is fully booked.

For additional information or questions, please contact:

SBD Automotive Japan

052 253 6201


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