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HMI UX Evaluation - CUPRA Formentor

Human-Machine Interface Evaluation - 2021 Series



User Experience


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About this report

In SBD Automotive’s HMI UX Evaluation series, the latest in-car HMI is evaluated and benchmarked by our UX experts. In this edition, the team is testing the CUPRA Formentor. The SEAT subsidiary’s new SUV features several in-cabin technologies which aim to streamline the UX of its infotainment system.

In addition to its 12.0-inch central display touchscreen, the Formentor features a customizable Digital Cockpit – allowing the user to personalize what they see on the car’s 10.3-inch instrument cluster. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are provided along with integrated Apple Music and Tidal apps. Voice recognition is catered for by VW's native solution alongside an installable Alexa app.

Unfortunately, the implementation suffers from a significant number of issues affecting overall system stability as well as specific areas such as HVAC, navigation, connectivity and voice recognition. Overall, the solution falls well below expectations and is expected to cause significant frustration to new owners.


Features and functionality: Evaluating whether the solutions provide features that customers expect, need and solve problems (or provide a wow factor).


Usability: Evaluating whether the features available are easy to learn and use. This considers areas such as ergonomics, legibility, usability characteristics and how the system implements the various features.


Reliability/stability: evaluating the repeated usability and whether the users can have a similar (positive) experience each time.

Key Scoring Areas


Perceived quality: evaluating the potential perception in quality of the HMI components and how this contributes to the overall customer experience.

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