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HMI UX Evaluation - BMW iX

Human-Machine Interface Evaluation - 2021 Series



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About this report

In this edition, the UX Team is testing the BMW iX. The new electric SUV adopts the eighth generation of the iDrive infotainment system – providing users with new software features and a range of options for personalization.

iDrive 8 is hosted on the EV’s 14.9-inch central touchscreen, which sits with the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster within a single display spanning the dashboard. While this display is curved towards the driver for easier use, the system can also be operated by a rotary dial found on the center console. iDrive 8 also introduces BMW ID, a new feature that utilizes machine-learning AI, and data from the cloud, to recommend UX options based on the user's recent activity. The iX supports integrations with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and leverages 5G to deliver over-the-air updates.

SBD’s HMI UX Evaluation Report Series provides a comprehensive assessment of the latest systems released globally. Over the course of 2021, our team of HMI and UX experts benchmarked eight vehicles from Europe, the US, and Japan to understand who is leading in the space, and who is falling behind. Each report helps provide an indication of what the final customer experience of each vehicle should be. In doing so, the team thoroughly scores and analyses them across several HMI domains.

These include the vehicle’s ADAS, infotainment, navigation, voice recognition, connected feature, and convenience capabilities. Our experts assess the reliability of each domain - testing their repeated usability, evaluating whether their solutions provide the features that customers expect and need, and gauging how easy these features are to learn. Likewise, the potential perceived quality of individual HMI components is measured against its impact on the overall customer experience.


Features and functionality: Evaluating whether the solutions provide features that customers expect, need and solve problems (or provide a wow factor).


Usability: Evaluating whether the features available are easy to learn and use. This considers areas such as ergonomics, legibility, usability characteristics and how the system implements the various features.


Reliability/stability: evaluating the repeated usability and whether the users can have a similar (positive) experience each time.

Key Scoring Areas


Perceived quality: evaluating the potential perception in quality of the HMI components and how this contributes to the overall customer experience.

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