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Driver and Cabin Monitoring

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About this report

The topic of Driver Monitoring has gained significant momentum, especially due to European homologation requirements from 2022. Up until now, OEMs did not need to deploy such systems and the vast majority of them either ignored this feature or only introduced very basic systems. However, this is about to change, not just because of new regulations but also with the advent of more advanced levels of vehicle automation. This report, new for 2022, provides:

• The key influencing factors for the introduction of driver monitoring in USA, EU & China.
• Detailed list of different technologies with their pros and cons are explained along with recent OEM initiatives and R&D demonstrations.
• A comprehensive view of the ecosystem by profiling Tier-1 & Tier-2s active in this space.
• Driver monitoring forecast in terms of unit sales and Tier-1 revenue is also provided from the understanding of the different dynamics in each global region as well as their current and future drivers.

This report explores the problem of monitoring the driver both physically and cognitively to ensure a safe interaction between human and machine. It also outlines how more competent driver monitoring solutions are an enabler to more robust SAE L2, and are a requirement for SAE L3.


What are the key influencing factors for the introduction of driver monitoring?


What are the long-term needs for implementing driver monitoring systems?


Who are the key players currently exploring driver monitoring systems?

Key Questions Answered


What is the potential revenue created from implementing driver monitoring systems?

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