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Disruptor OEM Guide

and how future demand can be met.



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About this report

The automotive industry has recently seen an influx of new brands, start-ups, and OEMs. While many perceive Tesla to be at the forefront of this movement – having developed a range of vehicles, technologies, and services in a short span of time – a growing ecosystem of new disruptive OEMs is seeking to change this. Many are providing unique offerings, consumer-oriented features, and more affordable solutions in a bid to disrupt the overall automotive landscape.

As this ecosystem develops at an increasingly rapid pace, interest in its players is growing among investors and legacy OEMs. Likewise, while these disruptive OEMs unveil new concept vehicles and production-intent models, they are also securing partnerships with companies spanning the automotive landscape. These collaborations often scaling from supplier agreements with small start-ups, to acquisitions from major OEMs seeking to broaden the scope of their vehicle line-ups.

This report thoroughly profiles new and emerging automakers from around the world and highlights the maturity of their technology, business models, and partnerships. It then identifies which ones have the greatest potential to impact vehicle production and monetization in the future. The regional differences between new and emerging OEMs from China, Europe, the U.S., and other regions are thoroughly assessed.


Which new OEMs have the greatest potential to disrupt how cars are made or monetized?


How mature are the technologies and business models being developed by disruptor OEMs?


Which companies are partnering with disruptor OEMs?

Key Questions Answered


What regional differences are emerging between new OEMs from China, Europe, USA and other regions?

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