Connected Services Forecast

(536) Prioritize investment in connected car features and services


175 million new connected cars are forecast to be sold globally between 2016 and 2020, as the automotive industry responds to legislative pressures, growing consumer demand, new revenue streams and opportunities to reduce costs.

Our Connected Services Forecasts provide a realistic, quantifiable assessment of how fast the connected services market is expected to grow in each country, the role government mandates will play and how specific technologies and services are evolving.

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Key questions answered

Which car brands are implementing the most competitive connectivity strategies?

Which regions will experience most growth?

Which technologies will vehicle manufacturers use to facilitate new types of vehicle connectivity?

Features and benefits

Brand-level projections based on thousands of data points, industry-wide analysis and a transparent methodology
Regional analysis covering the EU, USA, China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, India, Canada and Australia
Detailed data covering the most influential technologies and services.
Identify key players and better understand your position in the market
A region specific overview of where the opportunities are for your business
A comprehensive view of how the connected car market is expected to grow.