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In 2020, 30 million cars are expected to be sold with embedded connectivity.

The automotive industry has discovered the true potential of connectivity as a way of increasing the appeal of their cars, building customer loyalty, creating new revenue streams and reducing costs. Yet vehicle manufacturers continue to face many challenges. Complex business models, concerns around data privacy ­—demand for driving experiences that ​adapt to our ever-evolving digital lifestyles. Our connected car specialists have been guiding decision makers since 1999.  Whether it is choosing connected services, identifying the right partners, developing new business models, organizing teams, or deciding on a fitment strategy, their collective experience is unrivalled.


More than twenty car brands have announced plans to offer vehicles ​with higher levels of automation by 2020.

While levels of commitment vary between companies, recent announcements are a clear sign of increasing momentum and belief in the value of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems). Vehicle manufacturers and their partners are already realizing opportunities to improve safety, position their brand and increase the appeal of their cars. Whatever their vision, our specialists support our clients at every stage of the journey. Whether it is choosing the right technologies, building consumer trust in autonomy, keeping up with changing legislation, understanding complex technical requirements, or creating a clear and effective human machine interface, their knowledge and experience is trusted across the automotive industry and beyond.


Cyber-attacks are expected to expose the automotive industry to $70 billion of liability by 2020.

Twenty years since we first helped the automotive industry drive down vehicle theft, technological innovation has created new challenges for security teams. Vehicle manufacturers must now balance the development of autonomous and connected cars with a maze of new threats. With more than 50 potential attack points in the connected car eco-system, no definitive automotive cybersecurity standards and the stakes higher than ever for decision makers, the need for clarity has never been greater. Our cybersecurity and anti-theft services include strategic planning, design support, penetration testing, countermeasure evaluation, market intelligence, competitor benchmarking and training.

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Hear beyond the noise. Our independent research brings clarity to complex, global markets, helping you focus on the facts and make the right decisions. Expert analysis, technology tracking, market forecasts, consumer surveys, legislation guides and more.

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Through testing and analysis of your solutions and an expert validation of key decisions, we ensure you have the right focus to achieve your objectives. Usability testing, HMI benchmarking, cybersecurity evaluation, performance monitoring and more.

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We provide technical and strategic support to businesses across the automotive industry, giving our team unrivalled collective experience and a unique perspective. Partner selection, business modeling, competitor analysis and more.

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