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SBD Automotive supports initiative

A fundamental shift across the entire automotive industry is driving a new era of mobility was launched today as an open ecosystem initiative, enabling the automotive industry to establish a new, digital-first approach for the creation of next generation customer experiences and data-driven mobility services. aims to improve the adoption of digital best practices in the automotive world. Taking a very use case-centric approach, is bringing together an ecosystem of OEMs, partners and suppliers to help adopt and apply explorative, digital-first methods.

In addition, the SdV Masterclass will be launched on stage– with extensive contribution by SBD Automotive with e.g., sessions on “The Key to Unlocking the Value of SDVs” and “Barriers to SdV success”. builds on two key pillars of automotive technology development: Software-defined Vehicle (SdV) and standardized vehicle APIs. To help ensure that these technologies can realize their full potential, will focus on the following deliverables:

  • SdV Use Cases: A public repository of use cases, to inspire innovation and help to ensure that SdV-related technologies can be validated early and based on realistic end-user scenarios.

  • SdV Exploration: An open collaboration platform which supports early-stage software prototyping, customer experience simulation, and customer experience testing – all integrated with the use case repository

  • Value Streams: A best practice library to help OEMs to better manage the digital (i.e. SdV) and physical value streams of modern automotive development – again, closely aligned with the use case and exploration deliverables

  • SdV Interoperabillity: An SdV inter::op program designed to help create an open market of interoperable SdV tools, making it easier for OEMs to create best-of-breed SdV toolchains


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