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New research reports releasing in March 2021

To ensure you don't miss anything this March, we are highlighting some of the major automotive research reports that we are releasing this month. This includes a guide to digital keys, a deep-dive into electrical architectures, a new VPA report, two cyber security guides, and our health and wellbeing technologies report.

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Health and Wellbeing in Automotive: Technologies, Market Landscape and Consumer Survey

Code: 207

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, health and wellbeing has become a priority for consumers and OEMs alike. With consumer concerns surrounding health and wellbeing potentially affecting buying habits, OEMs must ready their vehicle line-ups for a post-pandemic market. This report provides insight into the market landscape for automotive health and wellbeing technologies, and assesses the consumer interest in these technologies.

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Automotive Virtual Personal Assistants - 2021 Edition

Code: 624

New edition for 2021 - The aim of the VPA report is to provide the reader with insight on today's automotive VPA market and how it is likely to shift over the next five years, based on expert industry knowledge and consumer views across three continents. A technology analysis of the offerings from leading VPA suppliers to global automotive markets underpins the detailed review of key automotive VPA features. The report categorizes 25 features that VPA providers are either implementing in the latest systems or considering in the near future as basic hygiene, bronze, silver and gold. The report also identifies new technologies that are coming to market to potentially take VPAs beyond the current basic media, sports, weather, and smart-home integrations that are becoming standard across suppliers. The overview of how automotive VPAs work includes an analysis of six emerging VPA technologies. A consumer survey supports the analysis of the features and technologies coming to the market. It identifies correlations and gaps between consumer expectations for VPAs and the technology that is on the market or planned for future launch.

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Digital Key Guide

Code: 711

Digital Key systems are seen by many in the automotive sector as the next item to be included in an evolving connected world. Developing systems that allow drivers to lock, unlock and start their car with a digital device, especially a smartphone, fits perfectly with the growing vision of increased user connectivity. Digital key systems are not just seen as an attractive replacement for key fobs, but also offer a method of sharing and revoking keys over the air. The Digital Key Guide has been designed to assist OEMs in setting up internal design and test standards by understanding what other OEMs and product developers are introducing. The report will highlight good practices identified in different systems we have tested and studied, useful features and potential future additional services, the rationale for a well-designed, end to end system, features that build on current technology performance, and the advantages and limitations for OEMs and end users.

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Evolution and technology drivers for next generation E/E-architectures - 2021 Edition

Code: 630

New edition for 2021 - E/E architecture decisions made now will be a vital part of meeting the autonomous, connected and mobility expectations of consumers in 5-10 years. From evolutionary decisions around domain controllers, hypervisors, OTA and gateways, to step-changes including Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA), ethernet backbone and zonal architectures, OEMs face critical decisions on if, how and when to adopt these technologies in their future models. To help explain the features, functions and attributes of emerging E/E architecture solutions, and how they relate to the entire CASE design space, SBD Automotive has created this report to inform, clarify and support strategic E/E decisions.

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Cyber Security Legislation Guide

Code: 539

As cyber security legislation continues to evolve, it is important that automotive OEMs and suppliers review and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in security requirements for vehicles. The Cyber Security Legislation Guide offers a country-by-country description of cyber-related policies, mandates, incentives and standards that are likely to affect the development of cyber security in the automotive industry.

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Cyber Security Intelligence Guide

Code: 905

The automotive industry is undergoing a dramatic change towards connectivity and autonomy. The latest vehicles include a vast array of sophisticated technology and they are supplied with hundreds of ECUs and complex firmware and application systems. Smart vehicles communicate with mobile network operators and backend infrastructure in order to provide content and services to users. The vehicle ecosystem has changed rapidly, and new potential attack targets and methods have emerged. Automotive OEMs and suppliers need to stay updated with the latest cyber threats and develop a culture of understanding that the addition of new technology in vehicles can increase the risk of car hacking. To support this, SBD has created the Cyber Security Intelligence Guide, with information on public hacks, countermeasure products, and the effect of these latest developments for automotive companies' strategy.

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