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Managing "Virtual Things" at scale in Automotive

Addressing real-world challenges to defining vehicles in software

Webinar: Watch Now

Software-Defined Vehicles (SDV) may be physical, but they rely on a host of virtual instances that need to be managed, and selecting the right software and tools is critical to effective delivery of competitive vehicles into market.

The benefits of SDV in terms of delivering functionality faster and throughout the vehicle lifetime are obvious and driving a seismic shift in the industry. The challenge we now face is understanding how to create a platform strategy that will efficiently deliver those benefits.

In this webinar, Alex Oyler, Director of SBD Automotive North America, is joined by Francis Chow, VP & GM of In-Vehicle OS and Edge at Red Hat, Eileen Davidson, a COVESA member of the board, and Christian Uebber, Chief Technology Officer at ETAS, to discuss how to manage "Virtual Things" in automotive, and addressing real-world challenges to defining vehicles in software.

The Webinar addresses three questions:

  • Why does the automotive industry now have so many "virtual things" that need to be managed?

  • What are the biggest challenges facing the industry in developing new connected vehicle infrastructures?

  • How do you deliver a coherent connected vehicle infrastructure platform to manage all these "virtual things"?


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