V2X Guide

(802) Quickly navigate deployment scenarios and understand the business case


As the automotive industry shifts from researching to planning deployment strategies, vehicle manufacturers and their partners face a new set of challenges.

The V2X landscape remains fragmented, concerns around data security and privacy are still unresolved, while the business case for a significant, long-term investment remains unclear.

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Key questions answered

What are the legislative barriers and opportunities in each region?

Who is involved in the development of V2X?

Which technologies are expected to dominate?

Features and benefits

Detailed V2X penetration forecasts and deployment scenarios
Quickly see who is involved in the development of V2X
Region-specific use cases covering Europe, the USA, China and Japan
Detailed analysis on the business case, key challenges and potential threats.
Quickly understand what V2X means for your business and identify the right level of investment
Understand complex V2X systems with our simple definitions
Comprehensive picture of the latest developments in the EU, US, Japan and China
A holistic view of the V2X market centralized into one easy-to-use document.